By | January 20, 2012
We may see the Devathas or not in our life, but the divine presence of God Surya Deva is Omnipresent.  Forefathers know that Surya  is a planet, still they gave respect and status equivalent to God Shriman Narayana and adore sun as Suryanarayana Swamy.  Shri Suryanarayana Swamy is the one who blesses us all to lead a happy life.  Praying with good heart and good deeds is the only way we pay our obeisance to HIM.
Darkness vanishes when Sunlight comes.  Who is aware of this ? Only those who open the doors see brightness.  Likewise you can also realize the presence of brightness like sunlight when you open the doors of your Mind & Soul.
On this auspicious day early morning before sunrise drop some pieces of Elanthapazham {Regu Pandulu (Telugu) or JUJUBE in English} in water you bathe.  Erukkam Leaf (Arka leaf) is an another important aspect of the day.  Everybody will take holy bath by placing 7 Erukkam leaves on their body.   There are many medicinal values and scientific reasons in taking such baths.  Our Sastras say that many kind of illness and diseases get cured by this bath.  He who takes a bath at the time of sunrise is purified like Mother Ganges.
Early morning on Ratha Sapthami day between 6am to 7 am sprinkle water, clean the place where sunlight falls, Put Rangoli (Kolam).  Make a fire place (Stove) put dry cowdung and fire; prepare Sakkarai Pongal (sweet rice with gur) and offer Naivedyam to Surya Narayana Swamy, the omnipresent God we see everyday.  Pray with red  color flowers, donate wheat .  Those who have Surya Graha Dosham can chant RAVI GRAHA JAPAM, Adithya Hridayam and Surya Dhandakam.  Atleast Chant Surya Gayatri Eleven (11) times on that day.
During Sunrise perform Surya Namaskaram facing sun.  It is said that doing Surya Namaskaram even once a year on Ratha sapthami day will give you good health for the whole year.  Good actions done on this day give manifold results.  This day is very powerful.  That’s why our forefathers have advised us to make it a practice to do Surya Namaskarams daily.
Scientifically all planets revolve around the sun.  When the earth rotates and revolve around sun, we get day and night.  Our day-to-day life starts with sunlight and ends when darkness fall.  No life without Sunlight.  Sunrays destroys many germs and bacterias unseen to x-rays and scanners. Young babies kept 10 minutes in early morning sunlight gets multiple vitamins and strengthens body.  In today’s fast life, even 5 minutes of such exposure protects us from diseases.
God Surya Narayan Swamy is the Guru of Lord Anjaneya Swamy and when I came to know that Anjaneya Swamy learnt Nava Vyakarnas from Him, I decided to practice the above ritual every year.
Surya Narayana Swamy does not gain anything from Ratha Sapthami.  Only we, humans, pay our respect and thank Him for the benefits we gain from Sun by celebrating Ratha sapthami.
All Devotees can celebrate Ratha Sapthami at their open places.
On Monday, 30th January 2012 – Ratha sapthami day at 6.00 pm  , we conduct Sri Surya Narayana Swamy’s Sthothra Parayanam and Sathsangam at Sanjeevini Peetam.
With Warmth Blessings,
Translated by :  Durga Prasad Kateelkar{Sanjeevini peetam Active Member}