By | February 13, 2013




Birth day of  Matha Saraswati Devi .e on 15/02/2013.

          Matha Saraswathi Devi is the goddess of education.Education is not the qualification we acquire.In simple way it is nothing  but (wisdom)gnanam. If  we possess the blessings of  Matha Saraswathi Devi,our gnanam will be utilized properly. That gnanam transforms to vignanam, so that we can lead a respectful life in the society.The panchami has a great significance similarly.Star has the same.

         As far as my knowledge is concerned getting education and receiving the blessing of Matha Saraswati Devi is very easy. After  educating ourselves,we are not able to utilize the wisdom gained through education.To help  you in that way  it is  only possible  by  Bhagawad Gita.So surrender yourself to Matha Bhagawad Gita.

           There is a saying in words that  at one instance  Lord Brahma ,husband of Matha Saraswathi   himself worshipped  her for Gnana Siddhi..I know that you are so busy in the mechanical life but you can follow the simple guidelines.

 1. Om Vignana Dayini Vidmahe
Brahma Pathnicha Dhimahi
Tanno Sri Saraswathi Prachodayath.

Without any restrictions  in routine,intime,you  recite the whole sloka on the whole day.

2. Take the saraswathi Matha photo.perform pooja with yellow flowers,yellow fruits,prepare yellow prasadam(lemon rice). with your hands and  offer it to  Matha Saraswathi Devi with great Bhakti and Devotion.

3.  Especially those who have less guru balam(guru sakthi)in their birth star should worship and pray Matha Saraswathi  Devi.

4.   Keep the children’s pens  and books etc..near the Matha and then bless them by giving  the  required  things  with  your hands.

5.   Exclusively For Children(students):
Always keep the photo copy of Ganesha,Matha Saraswathi  Devi and Lord Hanuman in your books. Before going to  your studies justdo pranams to the three lords  and proceed.Definetly you will be successful in achieving good  ranks. This  is True.

6.   I wish all the elders  and children to worship Matha Saraswathi Devi to gain wisdom of knowledge,good health, and life span.I wish you all SHRI PANCHAMI SHUBHAKANKSHALU.