VIJAYA DASAMI – Mathaji Talks (English)

By | October 11, 2012

Vijayadasami  2013 – Mathaji Talks

 This is the most auspicious day that synchronizes with many of the events performed by God. This reflects upon

  • The day when Lord Rama (the avatar of MahaVishnu as a human) has taken tireless efforts to win over Ravana with the explicit success.
  • The day when Pandavas have taken their weapons kept under Banni ( in Tamil) or Jammi (in telugu)tree during Vanavasa.
  • The day when Jaganmadha has exterminated Mahishasura from this earthly world in order to make people joyful and to live fearlessly.

When Vijayadasmi  is such  a day of enlightenment, some questions come to my mind as

  • How should we live?
  • What type of work we should perform?
  • What shall we carry with us from this materialistic world?

The answer is: Let us take a determination to accept this day in a positive sense, live meaningfully because we will be blessed with Amritha so that our life is evergreen with pleasure and treasure of joy from God.

All these words from a Baktha (like Hanuman)

Mathaji Kanyakumari


Vijayadasami  2012– Mathaji Talks

Even though for a year there are 24 dasami thidhis, only Aashviyuja Shuddha Dasami got the name ” Vijaya Dasami ”. For this, many reasons and proof are available.

When Sri Rama chandra moorthy had to fight a dharma yuddham with Ravana for some reasons and for some period, and since it was on this Dasami that He got victory, this Dasami thidhi was called “Vijayadasami” by elders.
That is,” this was the day when  Victory of Good  over Evil,  Dharmam won over Adharmam’


We too have been fighting against so many matters since so many days. But, we have not got victory.It feels that we have not fought a Dharmayudham like Sri Rama Chandra prabhu.

The actual meaning is – for those who do good deeds and for those who struggle for dharmam, today they will definitely achieve victory and it is not that if you start any job on this day you will achieve victory easily.With birth we get a horoscope. With good karma our papams will get removed.

Karma means action. With good actions we can reduce our papams. For this take a good topic, call it ” Vijayadasami”, start it, reduce our papams which is enough. Even though it might not be Dasami thidhi, victory will always be with us.

Without causing heat cooking is difficult. What might happen to the rice with heat? What might happen to the vessel? Thinking this way nothing can be done.If we don’t struggle to this extent also, we cannot implement good things. Earning punyam is not possible. So, even if it is difficult,do only good deeds.I do know that all of you are aware of what is good and what should not be done.

All of us as good devotees  can introduce spirituality as a part of our lives. Through this we have to earn knowledge.For this we can approach our mother ” Bhagavath Gita” where knowledge resides.Through knowledge combined with God’s worship, we can win over these Arishad vargams (Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Madha, Mascharyam), there by enabling us to fight for dharmam, struggle for the sake of dharmam and spread dharmam.For such people, on Vijayadasami, victory will definitely be achieved.God’s grace too will be got.

” According to our intentions, our future will be set”. So on Vijayadasami with complete  happiness you will start taking good decisions, followed by good intentions and actions. With this hope —–


My favourite dasami is, Vaisaka Bahula Dasami .

Harihi Om