Vinayaka Chathurdhi 2012 – Mathaji Talks (English)

By | September 17, 2012

In our country, in the Hindu custom whatever our Rishis said and whatever they followed had a meaning in it. Along with this, Paramartham ( supreme bliss ) was there.

Without understanding the meaning, without wanting to understand the meaning, whatever is done will not give complete results. In each and every meaningful action, Paramartham will definitely be there.

An individual leaving the house, when asked where he is going, says” I don’t know”, what will you think about him? Now our condition is similar to that. We are living a meaningless life. Why were we born, why are we living, what do we want, where are we going to go, how should we go, why do we have to go, what can we possibly take along with us — questions like these have no answers. If by chance there is an answer, we do not know.  We do not show interest in learning Bhagavath Gita which teaches us all this. But, after sometime sitting alone in a silent room and thinking will definitely make us understand. As far as I know, nobody is innocent. Everybody is intelligent.

For this purpose, understanding the meaning and leading a meaningful life will give unlimited happiness.

Now, the meaning of Vinayaka Chaturthi. Let us try to learn about Paramartham.
Making Vinayakar idols from mud ( clay ), giving life through Veda mantras, decorating with various colours, performing archana with different varieties of flowers and leaves, singing bhajans and keerthans, distributing holy water and prasadam – after celebrating
this way for 10 days, in the end it is immersion.

1.  The meaning behind this is, conveying  to our next generations about our practises and customs.
2.  Through poojas, through Veda mantras making us catch hold of our Bhakthi margam.
3.  To make us understand that in this society all of us should live together and with happiness.
4.  Telling us to grow trees, plants, creepers which are useful to this enormous human society.
5.  This is the way to spread equality.Keeping different good topics as the central idea, we celebrate our festivals.

The Paramartham of this Vinayaka Chaturthi is that this body has come from mud, that with Veda mantras as the proof this life has been established and we have come to this bhoomi, that with varieties of colours and decorations we have started our life, that with various types of dances and dramas we are playing and according to each ones karma we are leading our lives, they feel happy. Finally, after the game is over they will perform the immersion.This is because they will not keep it in the house, isn’t it ? This is life. Understanding life as the biggest Paramartham, let us celebrate Vinayaka Chaturthi in a honest way.

Those who have understood this Paramartham, turn your life and time towards good way. Those who have the anugraham of (the first God) Adi Prabhuvu Vinayaka and (the last God) Anthya Prabhuvu  Anjaneya will not have any grievances. This is because  Mukkoti Devathas  all are present inbetween them. Hence they have become Adhyantha Deivam.

With constant thinking about Hanuman
Your’s Mathaji.

Translated by : Priya Suresh{Sanjeevini peetam Active Member}