By | October 9, 2012
12) Auspicious day for Hanuman -{Lord Hanuman’s Adhishtana Nakshathram -Moola}(Thrayodasi and moola nakshatram ) Pradosha Pooja.In Ekadasa Rudrasa, Lord Hanuman is Ajaikapada Rudra.
The auspicious 3 hour period, 1.5 hours before and after the sunset is one of the optimum time for worship of Lord Shiva. The fast or vow performed during the period is called “Pradosha vratam. A devotee should wear rudraksha, Vibhuti and worship Lord Shiva by Abisheka,Sandal paste, Vilva leaves, Fragrance, Deepa & Naivaedyaas. – Hanuman Mathaji
11)    The birth star of Lord Hanuman is Poorvabhadra. On that day, Pushkarudu, the king of Vanaras attained fame and austerity by worshipping Him.
10)    The birth day of Lord Hanuman is Saturday. The King Bharath worshipped Lord Hanuman every Saturday, attained matchless power & strength.
9)    On every Vaidruthi Yogam , Durvaasa muni worshipped Lord Hanuman and attained self-mortification.
8)    On every Tuesday, Sita performed Lord Hanuman pooja and became a fortunate woman.
Send off to Karthika Masam, Welcome to Margasira Masam(Amavasya)
1. in Sanskrit, “Ama” means “together” and “vasya’ means “to dwell” or “cohabit”. In old Indian Culture and Beliefs, irrespective of religions, it is considered a time of great power.
2.Karthika Amavasya falls on thursday. Hence considered auspicious.
3. At evening 6’o clock, the sun sets and the moon rises. At this auspicious time, light a lamp and worship with white flowers. Keeping this flower on the head both by men and women is very auspicious.By doing so, we should assume that our Gods and forefathers are blessing us.
REMEDY – 6   Aswiyuja suddha thrayodasi (12-11-2012)
*Dhana Thrayodasi – By worshipping Goddess Lakshmi Devi, we will be blessed by Her to receive Siri Sampada.
*Yama Deepam – As per our Puranams, if we light a lamp to Lord Yama in the house , with complete bhakthi and shraddha, we will be blessed by Yama and our Pithru Devathas to get rid of our Apamruthyu dosham.
All of you can utilise this opportunity……. Your’s Mathaji.
Remedy No- 5. Kuja Dosham {Nivarana}Pooja
1. Tuesday’s Adhipathi is Kujudu.
2.According to horoscope, those who have Kuja dosham, during Karthika masam, performing pooja for Hanuman and reciting Hanuman Chalisa on all 4 tuesdays, will get us visesha palitham (essential benefits).
3. On this day – wear red dress from morning, fast till 3.p.m. – 3 to 4.30.p.m facing east light lemon or The Indian gooseberry(Amla) lamp (gingelly oil ) for Hanuman in the house, recite Hanuman Chalisa 5 times, light a ghee lamp at Lord Sivan temple in the evening and donate tuar dal to the priest there. 75% of our dosham nivruthi is sure. (More the Sraddha, more the Palitham ). With constant thinking about Hanuman Your’s Mathaji.
Remedy 4:Bhagini Hasta Bhojanam
Bhagini Hasta Bhojanam ( This festival is uniquely followed in the state of West Bengal. Bhagini means – sister – Hasta Bhojanam means – to take meals cooked by your sister. Whether sister is married or not the brother will visit the house of his elder or younger sister and take food from her house and it will bring many blessings to the family) Its falls on 15-11-2012 Thursday. Let us enjoy, all the best ……….. Yours Mathaji.
Remedy 3:
Dear Devotees
Avoid Tireless Messaging :-
1. Through our fingers, cosmic energy enters our body.
2. When these fingers, which are important are strained by sending messages, nerves from these fingers which are connected to various parts are getting strained too.
3.This leads to radiating pain to different parts of the body connected to these fingers.Neglecting this pain will cause furthur damage to these parts within 3 months.
So, please avoid straining your fingers – MATHAJI
Remedy 2:
for all – Sunday, Amavasya 16.9.2012
1. To remove Drishti, today is a very good day.
2. Deeparadana {5 in 1 oil} for 1 hour – 12 to 1 noon at the center of the hall.
3. Brightness from the deepam should be maximum.
More the brightness, more the drishti gets removed.
Remedy 1:
31/08/2012 Badhrapadha Sukla Pournami.
Since the time is bad for the following Rasi’s, follow the remedy given below.
( Kanya, Thula, Vruschika, Meena)
1. Dheeparadhana {cow ghee} – continuous 5hrs.
2. Pooja with red flowers to Lord Hanuman.
3. “Om Hanumathe Namaha” – Chant 108 times – At your places.