13th Hanuman Chalisa Divya Desam – 13th HANUMAN CHALISA IN HINDI ENGRAVED STONES PRATHISHTA 24-7-2015 @ Manilal M. Mehta Girls’ Higher (Gujarathi) Secondary School No.1, Ravanier Street Park Town, Chennai – 600 003 | SANJEEVINI PEETAM 30 TH YEAR CELEBRATIONS

By | July 21, 2015

I am very Happy & proud to announce 13 th Hanuman Chalisa  in Hindi PrathishtGujarathi School, Prayer Halla @ , Parrys, Chennai – Jai Jai Bhajaranga Bali – Hanuman Mathaji

Om Hanumanthya Namaha, Om Narasimhaya Namaha

Today our Hanuman Mathaji turned thirteen after seeing the young school girls  of Manilal M. Mehta Girls Higher Secondary School (1, Ravanier Street, Park Town, Chennai) during the 13th Hanuman Chalisa Engraved Prathishta in Hindi held in the  school premises on July 24 as part of 108 Hanuman Chalisa Engraved Prathishta Yagnam.

The students and staffs of school welcomed our Hanuman Mathaji by chanting  the portion of Vishnusaharamanama along with aarathi.

After seeing the overwhelmed divine response from the school children, our  Hanuman Mathaji in ‘Kavi Chudithaar’ seen very energetic while address the gathering.

She was very happy and active like a school girl throughout the program. (Why it was not happened so far when she see us? I believe every one know the answer by  asking themselves)

13th Prathishta is very important program for Sanjeevini Peetam and for  members of Hanuman Chalisa Prathishta Yagnam. Here after everything will be very fast and vigorous there will be no looking back.

13 is very important for everyone because it is beginning of teenage (but due  changing of food habits and neighbouring thoughts teenage started even at very earlier) we have to root spiritual consciousness to the children to overcome their unpredictable future, Our Mathaji address the girl students gathered at the program.

She said that there will be no worries for children chanting Hanuman Chalisa by  knowing the meaning and she also advised children to have blessing from their parents everyday to prevent from evil elements in the daily walk of life.

Hanuman Mathaji said that chant Hanuman Chalisa, pray for genuine needs to Hanuman, he will be surely bless us at every step of our life.

She said that students very blessed because they got Hanuman Chalisa at their young age itself, she thanked the school authorities and teachers for cultivating the  spiritual values among the students along with academics.

The purpose of installing ‘Hanuman Chalisa engraved Stone’ at various venues is to spread the power of Hanuman Chalisa for the welfare of upcoming generations.

Due to Karma, anyone may forgot or unaware to chant ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ during their critical situations, that time engraved stone Hanuman Chalisa will be surely remain them to chant to recover from their problems and also to attain the divine blessing, she adds.

Hanuman Mathaji once again repeated that ‘Spiritual consciousness’ is the only  guide to lead our life in the right path and to attain the divine feet. So let starts our spiritual journey by chanting Hanuman Chalisa by knowing the meaning.

‘Om Happy Hanumanthaya Namaha’

By Peetam Devotee.


13th Hanuman Chalisa Stone Prathishta by Hanuman Mathaji at Manilal M. Mehta Girls’ Higher Secondary School, Ravanier Street, Park Town, Chennai, took place on 24th July 2015. School Children dressed in traditional attire gave a grand welcome to Mathaji showering flowers and rose petals. There was thunderous applause at the time of inauguration of Hanuman Chalisa engraved stone. Students chanted Bhagawat Gita Slokas in front of Mathaji.
While singing Anjaneya Veera song by Vatsala, Mathaji became one among the school children and danced happily with them. After the puja, Mathaji explained the importance of Bhagwat Gita and Hanuman Chalisa. Hanumanji listened to Bhagwat Gita imparted by Lord Shri Krishna to Arjuna in the war field. Hanumanji’s picture can be seen in the flag atop Arjuna’s chariot and that has led to the victory of Pandavas. Wherever Hanumanji is present in any form, no evil things or deeds can happen, Mathaji said. Students should know the meaning of Hanuman Chalisa that praises Hanumanji. When we praise Him by chanting Hanuman Chalisa, definitely Hanumanji will be happy and our prayers shall be answered. There was a positive vibration in the Prayer Hall.
All the students comprising 8th to 10th standard listened to Mathaji’s advise very attentively and assured that they will chant Hanuman Chalisa daily. This will bring Happiness, discipline and obedience in children and shape their future thereby carry forward our country’s culture and religion.
The President Mr. N.R. Dave in his lecture praised the Holy work undertaken by Mathaji and Sanjeevini Peetam by spreading Hanuman Chalisa and the School is lucky to become one of the 108 Divya Desam by the installation of Hanuman Chalisa Engaravings. Students shouted Yes Yes when he asked the student whether they felt the vibration, peace and happiness after chanting Hanuman Chalisa. He advised the students to be very pious, shed ego and shed the concept of Mine. Definitely you will find Happiness throughout your life.
The principal Mrs. Chandrikaben said The school is 96 years old and still going strong by
maintain the values of Hindu tradition. All the teachers and children are well versed in Slokas, Bhagawat Gita, Hindu culture and traditions.
Mathaji thanked Mrs. Prema, the Music Teacher who secured permission from the School
Management for the installation of Hanuman Chalisa Engraving stones.
The President and Principal honoured Mathaji by presenting a decorated shawl and requested Mathaji to carry out this holy work of spreading Hanuman Chalisa everywhere.
Durga Prasad Kateelkar
Jai Bhajaranga bali


13th Hanuman Chalisa engraved stone Contributed by
Venuji, Cell. 98403 64567, PRO, Sanjeevini peetam.
Special Thanks to.
Manilal M Mehta Girls’ Higher Secondary School
*Shri K.J.Dave
Manilal M Mehta Girls’ Higher Secondary School
*Smt.Chandrikaben N Patel
Manilal M Mehta Girls’ Higher Secondary School
*Smt.Rashmi P.
Manilal M Mehta Girls’ Higher Secondary School


Aashada Masam, Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Avathara Swathi Nakshathra day Celebrations | 13th Hanuman Chalisa Divya Desam | Venue: Manilal M. Mehta Girls’ Higher Secondary School No.1, Ravanier Street Park Town, Chennai – 600 003 Land Mark 1 : Railway Parcel Office & Before Blue star Hotel (Wall Tax Road) Land Mark 2 : Near Ekambareswarar Temple & Kandaswamy Temple Date: 24th July 2015 (Friday) Time: 9. 30 am | The initiative of 108 Hanuman Chalisa prathishta yagnam in different premises. will become 108 Hanuman Chalisa Divya Desam – My Guru Bhagavath Geetha — Hanuman Mathaji | Every  couplet(Doha) in Hanuman Chalisa depicts the note worthy information which man today researches and confirms in Science and Technology – Hanuman Mathaji. |
Our Motto : Hanuman Consciousness ( Manifestation of Natural Divine Conscience from the hearts of all living beings is Lord Hanuman Consciousness )  |
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