Tulasi Mata Pavithrata (English)

By | November 17, 2012
  1.   Tulasi,   with its natural, medicinal properties —
  2.   Tulasi plant has the wonderful power to clean the atmosphere.
  3.  Early morning after a bath, eating 5 Tulasi leaves removes the laziness from the mind and increases the memory power.
  4.  Tulasi corrects  our daily body routine and prevents diseases.
  5.  This Tulasi plant known for its purity should be kept in all houses and worshipped.
  6.  A house where Tulasi lives is equal to a piligrimage centre.
  7.  The air coming from the plant spreads to a certain distance, purifing the entire place.
  8.  Tulasi will not grow in all places. By planting, growing, watering, watching and touching a Tulasi plant, a human beings word and heart will become very pure. All doshams from our body gets removed.
  9.  Shastras say that by planting a Tulasi plant, all 5 elements- vayu, bhoomi, agni, water and sky gets purified.
  10.  The mud containing a Tulasi plant, contains all the good qualities. Mother Tulasi has the power to eradicate all skin diseases.
  11.  By consuming a Tulasi leaf, we can get rid of all the diseases from our body. But, just by chanting a Tulasi namam, we can get rid of  all our papams completely.
  12.  Growing a Tulasi plant by watering , helps us to get rid of the fear of Yama.
  13.  By offering just a single Tulasi leaf with bhakthi to Sri Krishna Bhagawan, we are definite to get moksham itself.
  14.  Just by putting a Tulasi leaf in ordinary water, it becomes Thirtham ( holy water) – this helps us to get Moksham.
  15.  Going around the Tulasi plant in circles ( pradakshinam ), benefits ladies especially to increase the power for pregnancy to be induced.

*  The benefits one gets from performing Ashwamedha Yagam can be got just by performing pooja for Tulasi Matha with bhakthi and shraddha.- this is Sastra Vakyam. Those who believe blindly without analysing are grateful, those who follow are gifted.
*  All of us born on this holy land ( Bharatha bhoomi ) should definitely get the blessings from our daily live God’s – Surya, holy cow and Tulasi Matha by performing pooja for them.Any type of pooja performed by us for Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu during their favourite Karthika month, will get us double benefit. Utilise this opportunity correctly and with the hope that you will all give a meaning to your life and birth —

With lots of Hanumath Smarana Aashirvadam,

Mathaji. Kanya Kumari.