Benefits of Orange ( Saffron )Colour

By | January 11, 2012

Yogis and siddhars and many people to a great extent wear  Orange dresses. Our sastras say, sanyasis have to wear saffron dress. The reasons behind wearing saffron dress and the benefits we get out of wearing saffron colour is mentioned below:

– Orange dress helps develop wisdom.
– People wearing saffron dress always do soul-searching every minute.
– They start treating everybody alike.
– Saffron dress helps us get rid of our doubts and gives us peace of mind.
– Saffron dress helps us to think clearly without haste and speak clearly.
– Saffron dress gives us energy and keeps us active.
– Saffron colour gives us good health.
– Our sastras say, Saffron dress helps us to get rid of many diseases.
– It is said that diseases which are there for long like TB, Piles etc can be got rid of by wearing saffron dress.
– People suffering from back pain also get relief.
– Nervous problems and paralysis get relief.
– Kidney related problems get relief.
– We get relief from cold, breathing problems and headache.
– Most importantly blood gets purified.

Similarly many colurs have many benefits and uses.Sindooram is liked by Lord Hanuman, which is orange in colour. Not only this, this colour has so many benefits too.

When this colour has so many benefits, why should we not use it? Hence I prefer wearing this colour dress, which gives me intense pleasure in turn. You can also definitely give it a try.

It is not necessary to be a Sanyasi to wear  Orange  dress. But definitely retain the sanctity of this Orange  colour.

Narrated by     :  Mathaji  Kanya Kumari
Translated by : Priya Suresh{Sanjeevini peetam Active Member}