63rd Hanuman Chalisa Prathishta, Saligramam, Chennai – 22-10-2016

By | October 24, 2016



    Our Global friend – Lord Hanuman blessed today (22nd October 2016) Sanjeevini Peetam Hanuman Mathaji accepting her 63rd Prathista of Hanuman Chalisa. This time, he received the stones solemnised by Mathaji and contributed by Mrs. Umalakshmi & Prof Venkatesan  (on the occasion of 5th birthday of their grandson- Master Sashwat Sandeep, Singapore)) on the northern side of the wall of HIS own sannadhi.

After Pooja, Mathaji was received by devotees for a discourse. Highlights are:

  • Bakthi, Karma and Gnanam are the life lines of Bhagavat Gita. Among them, Bakthi can be wholeheartedly followed by everyone in day to day life that will enrich one’s own punya.  What is the secret?.  So simple. Make a subtle difference in your life every minute. How? A Baktha – who gets engrossed and totally surrendered to Bhagavat Gita shows a total metamorphosis in his character. For example: The water he offers to others becomes theertham and the bojan he provides transforms into prasadam. This character formation is vital that will drive away evil in the globe and make it as a punyachetram.. Devotees.. please try from this moment ever and ever.
  • These words of Mathaji are easy to follow as Mathaji quite often says:Do what Rama did. Do what Krishna said.  Why not we add: Follow what Mathaji shows.
  • Chant Hanuman chalisa as and when you feel – anywhere in any situation ..that makes our mind and body serene and take us to do our karma as Lord wants.
  • Hanuman chalisa should be the prayer and Bhagavat Gita should be within the curriculum in educational institutions. Such life shaping methods can be implemented effectively by none other than “Swachh Bharat” proposed Hon’ble Prathan Manthri Shri. Narendra Modi.  Practice. Chant.. what else is simple and effective to keep Hanuman happy and joyful.
  • Moola manthram.. Ram Ram.. Write Ram Ram or Sri Ram or Sree Rama Jayam as many times as possible and drop them in Sanjeevini peetam (address in the website) on or before 31st December 2016. These noble papers of crores and crores of Ram words will be the foundation for the 10 feet portal (with Statues of Nava Avatharam of Hanuman) over which the 27 feet Chathurpuja Vaikunda Hanuman statue to come up at Anjanamma Land in Dusi in 2017.

    The discourse was brief since Mathaji felt the hurry burry nature of devotees in Saligramam as working people.

   Though brief, every word she spelt is what she means and what she dreams.

   Practice makes perfect.. for us.


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