22nd HANUMAN CHALISA ENGRAVED STONES PRATHISHTA 29-10-2015 @ Hathiramji Mutt, Tirumala – Silathoranam, Chakratheertham, Sri Vari Padalu, Venugopala swamy temple, Bata Gangamma Temple, Tirumala Grama Devatha & Ola Hanuman Temple.

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Divinity of 22nd Hanuman chalisa prathista
Blessed one:
Blessed one is none other than me by Lord Hanuman for having kept with him during the incarnation of Hanuman Chalisa on 29th October 2015 at Hathi Ramji Matt, Tirumala Tirupati under the stewardship of Mathaji. Mrs.Indira and Mr.LakshmiNarayana – the committed devotees of Sanjeevini Peetam contributed their zeal as currencies for this prathista. It was a memorable experience even this time as everyone gained energy . Needless to say that any trip with Mathaji gets filled with happiness, awareness, entertainment and spiritual message.
Hanuman as the Director:
For further Prathistas, Lord Hanuman directed us to stop at temples and institutions which were on Highway on our way to Chennai. An amazing incident took place. Yes, when Mathaji visited Abhayanjaneyar temple at Nagiri and spoke to the temple authorities about Prathista, they instantly accepted for it. This is not surprising because she feels that Lord Hanuman is in her and with her. As I have knee pain I couldn’t visit the temples. Mathaji, Venu anna and my husband went into other temples and discussed with the authorities about the significance of such Prathistas.
Mathaji…a timekeeper
Mathaji conducts all the programs on time whether the place is near or far. We reached Hathi Ramji Matt sharply at 5pm (as scheduled). Mrs.Indira and Mr.LakshmiNarayana reached on time with their relatives who came from Hyderabad and Badhrachalam. Hanuman Chalisa Prathista went on well in a grand manner. Lord Hanuman gave me the opportunity to make me sing the devotional song ‘Anjaneya Veera’ at that premises. Special Butter and Laddu Prasad were distributed to the devotees.
Mrs. Indira’s relatives shared their happiness to be part of this spiritual hot spot. The best part is chanting Hanuman Chalisa in Hathi Ramji Matt with pandits and all devotees.
We went to the other piligrim places namely Silathoranam, Chakra Theeratham (that equals the darshan of Balaji) at Tirumala. Mathaji explained about the significance and history of these places which we didn’t know till now.
 Silathoranam – 2 Stones jointly look like an arch.
 Chakra Theeratham- We can see the Shiva Lingam, Naga Prathista and Sudarshan Chakram which is a Swayambu murthy. Theertham from here is taken for Balaji’s Abishekam. Mathaji got immersed in joy happy to see Lord Hanuman there. When Mathaji was sharing the details about the place, other piligrims also joined us and took photos as souvenir with her.
 SrivariPhadam – Indira Cousin of Mrs. Indira who is a pandit blessed Mathaji with ‘MantraPuspam’. This is the place where Lord Balaji kept his first feet in Kaliyugam.
 Bata Gangamma temple – On the way, Mathaji took us to a Hanuman Temple below the Aswath Vruksham which is 2000 years old which she has visited 25 years before. Authorities here were also kind enough to install the chailsa stones. We visited Bata Gangamma temple (Grama devatha or Village God). All the pilgrims should visit this place stating that we have come to Tirumala.
 Venugopala Swamy Temple – Venugopala Swamy Temple (Group of Hathi Ramji Matt)- We saw the Hathi Ramji Bavaji’s Samadhi, where we found a tree named Rama Pathri. Its leaves are given as Prasadam that tastes more than the honey. Mathaji, as usual, could get the acceptance for installation of chlaisa stone in this temple also. I pray Lord Balaji and Lord Hanuman to make these prathistas successful.
Jai Bajaranagabali…
With Regards,
Bindu Srinivasulu.


Jai Sree Ram

Everyone needs enjoyment in their life in all aspects but many of them don’t know what is enjoyment’, our Hanuman Mathaji began her divine talk in 22nd Hanuman Chalisa Engraved Stone on Oct. 29 at Hathiramji Mutt, Tirumala – Silathoranam, Chakratheertham, Sri Vari Padalu, Venugopala Swamy temple, Bata Gangamma Temple, Tirumala Grama Devatha & Ola Hanuman Temple as part of 108 Hanuman Chalisa Prathishta Yagnam.

Peedathipathi of Hathiramji Mutt himself came forward to lift the Hanuman Chalisa engraved stone to help our volunteers without any ego; they saw engraved stone as Lord Hanuman, welcomed every one and treated entire devotee as Lord Hanuman representatives. Totally they enjoyed themselves in the installation program along with devotion.

Mathaji said that we are already framed vision of enjoyment in various activities it includes meeting of friends, get together, watching movies and spending our valuable time to satisfy others but at last we are ending up with tiredness, tussles, quarrels, physical and mental worries and many more. We don’t know why it is happen. Reason is enjoyment will differ according to the situations and it will not same as earlier, she adds.

She said that enjoyment is nothing but an involvement and dedication what we doing in our daily walk of life. Enjoyment is a new thing and it will not be old pattern what we enjoyed few minutes back, it is fresh and refreshes us every moment.

Mathaji said that we are going to office daily, cooking every day, chanting and many things, but it may look like regular activities, the secret is work will be same but situation is different, we are unable to realize the what we are enjoying in our daily  walk of life without involvement and dedication in small things too.

She said that sankalapam of constructing Vaikunta Hanuman Temple and installing hanuman chalisa engraved stones it is not to attract Lord Hanuman, it is for us to enjoy the moment in divine activities. With this sankalapam, Lord Hanuman blessed us meet his true devotees, gave opportunity to visit his different temples, guide us to learn many good things and correcting ourselves to improve our divinity in each our every activities with involvement and dedication.

Mathaji said that for me, meeting of committee members is an enjoyment, journey to installation venue is an enjoyment, chanting Hanuman Chalisa along with new devotees is an enjoyment, planning next schedule is an enjoyment, eating different prasadams is an enjoyment, interacting with other devotees is an enjoyment, every thing is enjoyment only when it is mixed with involvement and dedication otherwise we were tired in the beginning itself. Without knowing ourselves we are enjoying every moment, she adds.

Enjoy the enjoyment.

Venuji, PRO, Sanjeevini Peetam,
Jai Sree Ram


Hari hi Om I am introducing myself as Mrs. Indira personally blessed with all gurujis, blessing like Mrs. Jalandhara Chandra Mohan and who was my earlier days guruji and guide. After marriage with Mr. Lakshminarayana we had very lively and lovely married life with three children, we had very good trips to thirumala but after mathaji at my premises, who was a stanch believer of living god hanuman, we met her at sathyamahal nearly ten yrs back, after that our life changed, both had good turning points, she (mathaji) took us to japali situated at tirumala, before going to japali there was small pooja at hathiram mutt where there poojari asked us what is our sankalpa, we said that we want to do a chalisa prathista at hathiram mutt, But dream come true it has been done at earlier date with the blessing of mathaji and the sanjeevani peetam. We are carrying forward the chalisa prathista whcich has been done on the 29-10-2015 for the generation together which no one can dream at this place.. This is all because of the dream of the sanjeevini peetam mathajis sankalpam, given the opportunity we blessed and thanking the peetam. Once again thanks to all peetam committee and all supporters of mine.