Hanuman Jayanti in Tamil Month Margazhi – Anjaneyar Jayanthi in Tamil Nadu

By | January 2, 2014

Hanuman Jayanthi date in Tamilnadu  18-12-2017

Hanuman Jayanthi date in Tamilnadu  29-12-2016

 Amavasya Pooja & NEW YEAR  1-1-2014 

(Auspiciousday for Hanuman – AMAVASYA & Moola Nakshathra Pooja)    

                In Sanskrit, “Ama” means “together” and “vasya’ means “to dwell” or “cohabit”. In old Indian Culture and Beliefs, irrespective of religions,   it is considered a time of great power.

Programme: On the occasion of Auspicious day for Hanuman on 01.01.2014 (Wednesday), Panchamukha  Hanuman  Dhyana  Manthra  & Sathrunjaya  Sthothra parayanam, Kandrishti thengai, Naragosha Yanthra, and  Dhrishti  Dhosha  Nivarana  Spl. Poojas {With Lemon & Pumpkin} at  Sanjeevini Peetam.  Mathaji available  6 to 7pm at Peetam. More Details :www.sanjeevinipeetam.com

 Jai Bajaranga bali….

-Peetam Desk





Mathaji has arranged Hanuman Jayanthi Celebration in the Peetam that fell on Wednesday, the 1st January 2014 between 6 and 9 p.m.   The significance and the divinity of this day was explicitly expressed by Mathaji. She highlighted that this jayanthi  is of great significance since it is on a new moon day with Moola star that are of great importance for Hanuman Jayanthi. Particularly, it is on 1st January 2014 that imparts Lord Hanuman as the global friend. Hanuman chalisa was chanted by all devotees with Mathaji and offered cucumber as Prasad to Lord. Mathaji also distributed pumpkin to nullify all evils for the families of devotees. This cohesiveness brought great vibrations to all who have assembled there with the blessings of Lord Hanuman.

Presence of guests – Mr. Traian Badea, Mrs. Daniela Badea, Mrs. & Mr. Yogeswar Karthik from ROMANIA added charm for the function. Mrs. & Mr. Badea have visited Himalayan region, where they felt the presence of Hanuman everywhere. They had darshan of the Lord in Mounaswami Ashram temple where they observed divinity in the eyes of the  Hanuman idol. Mathaji had a brain storming session on Bhagavath Gita  and the greatness of Lord Hanuman with devotees in their presence.

Mrs. Badea got thrilled in the proceedings in the peetam and articulated that she could see BAKTHI immersed in every activity (KARMA) of Mathaji in the Sanjeevini Peetam that takes one to GNANAM. Mathaji infused vibrations into the hanuman idol made of Pancha loga brought by them with a special prayer and offered to them as their child, so that they should take care as one of their children. Mrs. Daniela Badea accepted the idol together with her husband with great dedication, a scene of great esteem. Mathaji gifted them with a volume on Bagavat Gita and Hanuman Chalisa both in English version.

When a devotee raised a question whether Mathaji should comment on political issue on facebook, she retarded vociferously saying that spirituality has many facets and the prime one is politics since it decides the ruler of the country. When every citizen has the voting power(including myself – Mathaji), he/she should choose an appropriate person  (who need not be a perfect person) so that the way of life becomes good; if so the citizen lives peacefully and not piece fully; if so, he/she raises the glory of the country and becomes the leader of the world, under the direction of our global friend- Lord Hanuman. She reiterated that this message should diffuse into the mind and soul of every youth of India to keep our Indian flag fly high.

Mathaji concluded the celebrations saying that Hindu must be a Hindu, since it has great human value system .Hindu culture is so ancient, so that we should remain as Hindus forever, which are the golden words of Mathaji, when the entire world is celebrating the eve of NEW YEAR 2014, coinciding with Jayanthi of the GLOBAL FRIEND- Lord Hanuman.-

-Dr.P.Venkatesan,UGC Professor Emeritus in Zoology, Loyola College,Chennai