Holi (VASANTHOSCHAVAM) – Hanuman Mathaji Talk

By | March 7, 2015

Holi  (VASANTHOSCHAVAM)  Subhakankshalu   24-3-2016 – Hanuman MathajiHoli

(VASANTHOSCHAVA)  Subhakankshalu 6-3-2015 -Hanuman Mathaji

Harihi om….
Holi is the festival of colours & the Victory of ‘ good’ over ‘evil. Hanuman is a Global friend. So see and enjoy our colourful Sindhoora Hanuman. Hanuman gave a message of service to the whole World. We bow down to Him and try to understand Him. His philosophy, His love and this would prove a great benediction to the modern World.
Wish you happy & safe Holi -Hanuman Mathaji