April Month Hanuman Janma Nakshathra Pooja 26-4-2014

By | May 1, 2014

The birth star of Lord Hanuman is Poorvabhadra. On that day, Pushkarudu, the king of Vanaras attained fame and austerity by worshipping Him. It falls on 26-4-2014, Saturday – so devotees do chant Hanuman Chalisa 11 times between 12 to 1 noon at your places, feel the vibrations and get the divine blessings of Lord Hanuman. – MATHAJI………

Sugarcane Juice Abhishekam – 108 Tomato Ashtothra Pooja at Sanjeevini Peetam.

Today is an Auspicious day as it is the birthstar of Lord Hanuman. Nakshatra Pooja in the form of Abhishekam with Sugarcane juice and Ashtothram with 108 Tomatoes written “SRI RAMA” on each tomato was performed by Mathaji, Chy.Venugopal in Sanjeevini Peetam. Also a great concidence on this auspicious day as it is Chy.Venugopal’s (P.R.O, Sanjeevini Peetam) 40th birthday. On this occasion Chy.Venugopal lighted 40 diyas in front of the Lord to aquire the blessings of almighty. I feel that lighting such lamps in front of the lord enlightens our soul and mind to be in peace and also helps to overcome all our negative calibres. Hats off to Mathaji who is the originator to such tradition. I bless Chy.Venugopal a long,healthy and prosperous life and also I sincerely pray the lord to give him all the strength and energy to be a great sevak of Lord Hanuman and to guide us all in the spiritual path.
Devotees who are all there are drenched in the lord’s grace. Mathaji in her words enumerated the significance of offering sugarcane juice as Abhishekam to the Lord, that it leads us to Mukthi(eternal goal) and Bhukthi (survival).Mathaji revealed that ONE CRORE RAMA NAMAM books written by a 82 yrs old devotee named Mrs.Saroja is going to be occupied a prominent place in the foundation of the project, HANUMAN CHALISA MANDAPAM. It is a great boon by the Lord to our Peetam and Mathajji. The contribution by this devotee is countless to this project which is our Mathaji’s vision in Dusi near kanchipuram. An AMAZING event happened in our peetam that proves the omnipresence of the Lord in our sacred peetam. We all observed that there were small bites on certain tomatoes that are offered to Hanuman without any extraction of juice from it. That itself shows that the offerings whatever Mathaji is giving is accepted by the Lord and we are all safeguarded in all the ways. Seeing this we are all overjoyed and expressed our gratefulness to the LORD.Such events will be a great eyeopeners to humankind that enables us to lead a proper life. THANKING YOU,
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