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108 Hanuman Chalisa Divya Desam – Hanuman Prerana – Mathaji’s Sankalpam : 108 HANUMAN CHALISA  ENGRAVED  STONES  PRATHISHTA ( Hanuman Chalisa Kalvettu Prathishta, Hanuman Chalisa Sila Palaka Prathishta) – As part of Satha Sahasra Koti Hanuman Chalisa Prachara Yagnam.

The most beautiful and vibrant hymn on the prowess of Lord Hanuman written by the immortal poet St. Thulasi Das – “Hanuman Chalisa” – chiseled in hard granite was installed by Her Holiness Hanuman Mathaji of Sri Sanjeevini Peetam, Chennai–33 at Shri Vetri Anjayana Temple inside the premises of New police Quarters Campus, T.Nagar on 28th June 2015 in the presence of large number of devotees.This is the 11 th such installation of Hanuman Chalisa as a part of Mathaji’s vision to erect 108 such plaques in various Hanuman temples. After the brief installation ceremony, Mathaji addressed the devotees.She spoke about Lord Hanuman’s devotion and compassion and her own personal experiences. She said that she had derived immensehappiness by continuously chanting Hanuman Chalisa with total devotion and a feeling of surrender. She also highlighted the importance of Sath Sangam which will ultimately lead one to liberation. Her simple but direct talk made a great impact on the devotees.Earlier Sri .P. Narayana Bhat, correspondent, Karnataka Sangha Hr. Sec School, Habibullah road, T nagar, chennai spoke about the greatness of Lord Hanuman whose surrender to Lord Rama was total uncompromising.



The 11th Hanuman Chalisa Engraved Stone Prathishta has taken place today at the Vetri Anjaneyar Sannidi, New Police Quarters Campus, T. Nagar, Chennai-17. The Prathishta Ceremony was performed by  Hanuman Mathaji at 9.00 AM on 28th June 2015 as scheduled. Vetri Anjaneyar Temple is maintained by Shri E. R. Mukundan – Police Sub-Inspector– 99406 51970.  Also Mr. Narayana Bhat , Correspondent of Karnataka Sangha, Habubullah Road, attended the function. Many Hanuman Devotees from the police campus attended the Prathishta. Mathaji explained the importance of Hanuman Chalisa and told the devotees to chant Hanuman Chalisa atleast once a day to keep our Body and Soul clean and to accumulate Punniya to our account. When we participate in this sacred deed definitely Hanumanji would be happy to bless us. The temple Incharge praised Mathaji’s devotion to Hanumanji and the noble cause she has taken up by installation of 108 Hanuman Chalisa Stones Prathista. Mathaji expressed her desire that besides installing these Hanuman Chalisa Stones in temples, we need to install these Tablets in Educational Institutions and Hospitals where people actually need Hanumanji’s Blessings. Therefore, it is decided to approach the institutions and Hospitals for this noble cause. Venuji announced the donors’ names who have donated amount for the installation of Hanuman Chalisa stone prathista. Mathaji said that in this busy world we need peace and happiness in our life. We are running against time without any goal or purpose. Our forefathers have given us the precious Hindu culture but earlier generations have not explained the values and benefits of our religion to the present generation. At least now we should awake and spread the Hindu religion and culture to all in this world. Many people from other countries are interested in Hinduism but our own people do not recognize the importance. 

So, installing these Hanuman Chalisa Stones in many places would definitely spread the awareness and importance of our religion and Hanumanji – our Global Friend.

JAI SHREE HANUMAN. Regards Durga Prasad Kateelkar


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To Install 108 Stones engraved with Hanuman Chalisa is a part of Satha Koti (100 crore) Hanuman Chalisa Prachara Yagnam.
Lord Hanuman’s inspiration is part of my life for every determination (sankalpam).
I am having determination (sankalpam) to install 108 stones engraved with Hanuman Chalisa in 108 Places on behalf of our Sanjeevini peetam and we will take this opportunity to make Swacch Bharat and Lord Hanuman will definitely bless us.
First we installed and inaugurated the Stone engraved with Hanuman Chalisa at Anjanamma land (Mathaji’s own Land), near Kancheepuram on 15-6-2014.
Secondly, we installed and inaugurated the Stone engraved with Hanuman Chalisa at Sri Yoga Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Mehtha Nagar, Chennai on 21-03-2015.
For each and every Stone engraved with Hanuman Chalisa will be costing around Rs.13,000/- to Rs.14,000/-. If we contribute each Rs.1,000/-, we can install the same in various Places every month.  This is the Confidence and belief I am having. Sacred Places like Temples, Librararies, Auditoriums and Function Halls we can install Hanuman Chalisa Stones and spread Hanuman Chalisa Globally.  For each and every one of us will get good blessings of Lord Hanuman in our lives. This is True.
Those who want to participate, contribute and do service to Lord for this Satha Koti (100 Crore) Hanuman Chalisa Prachara Yagnam.  can locate Sacred Places near their area and contact us over Phone : 044-24712231.  For complete details please visit our Website
After completion of installing 107 Hanuman Chalisa Stones, we will install Hanuman Chalisa Sthoopam (108th) will be done at Anjanamma Land, Kancheepuram. T.N.
For this Yagnam I am expecting you all to come forward and do Services to Lord and co-operate us successfully. Lord Hanuman is always in Front to complete this Prachara Yagnam. I am confident in this because this is Lord Hanuman’s inspiration only. I can’t say if there is any mistake in my Bhakthi (devotion), but  with my Godfather Lord Hanuman power (Shakthi)  there won’t be any mistake at all.
With blessings of Lord Hanuman
Yours Hanuman Mathaji

11 th Prathishta contributions :- Vinod kumar 1500/- Rajendran – 500/- Manjula – 1000/- Bindu – 1000/- Viswanath Aravind – 1000/- Mahalakshmi – 1000/- Prema sekar – 500/- Jaya Sundari – 500/- Indumathi – 500/- R. Balaji – 1000/- Hanuma Chaithanya – 1000/- Venuji – 4000/- Any short fall in the amount, the same is borne by me. Hence No Bank Account is maintained in the name of the Peetam – Hanuman Mathaji Incharges : E.R. Mukundan, Police Sub-Inspector – 99406 51970 Venuji : 9840364567