Sri Rama Navami – Mathaji Talk (English)

By | March 28, 2012

పలకండి పలకండి రామనామం
మీరు పలకమంటె పలకరేమి రామనామం //

రామ రామ రామ అనుచు రామనామం
శ్రీ రామ భజన చేయండి రామనామం //

సర్వ మంత్ర సారమండి రామనామం
మీరు సాధించి చూడండి రామనామం //

అందరాని ఫలమండి రామ నామం
మనమందుకుంటే మోక్షమండి రామ నామం //

అందరము చేయవచ్చు రామనామం
మనకానందమిచ్చునండి రామనామం //

గౌరీ శంకరులెపుడు రామనామం
వారు నిత్యజపము చేయుచుందురు రామనామం //

జాతి భేదమేలనండి రామనామం
ఇది జ్యోతి స్వరూపమండి రామనామం //


               It is said, Sri Rama’s birth, marriage and pattabhishekam took place in Chaithra Shuddha Navami . It can be observed that  there is some divine power ( adhbutha sakthi ) in particular, only for this Navami. On this day, people worshipping Him devotedly, are sure to experience good things in their life.
To show that Hari and Siva are only one, the alphabets RA from the sacred mantram ” OM NAMO NARAYANA ” and the alphabets MA from the sacred mantram ” OM NAMAH SIVAYA ” are brought together as” RAMA” , and this name (namakaranam) was given to Dasaratha Maharaja’s eldest son in Threthayuga. Hence compared to Rama (a human avataram), RAMA NAMAM  is more powerful. Our sasthras say, we are definite to get special results by uttering this Namam.
Lord Siva says – ( – Eeswara uvaacha–)
” Sree Raama Raama Raamethi
Rame Raame Manorame
Sahasranama thatthulyam
Raama Naama Varaanane”
See how Bhagawan has promised us –If with a super feeling  Rama Nama Smaranam is said 3 times wholeheartedly, the benefits you derive are the same you get after chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam.
Sree Raama Raama Raamethi uttered 3 times gives you the benefit of uttering 1000 times .
Our body is like a rented house. We have to pay rent for every minute. Do you know what that rent is ?  it is RAMANAMAM. Every one of us should definitely pay this rent.
The only thing we take with us and bring back with us is RAMANAMAM. So, according to your sakthi (capacity ) earn it, accumilate it, enhance your character, show the entire world how much of property you have saved and be a role model for others to follow.
This has been beautifully written by a poet about 500 years back . He says —
” Saying” Rama”, once, oh ! silent heart ,
unaccountable sins ( papam ) goes away . ”
See, how easy it is . Let us all chant Ramanama together , trying hard till we get this feeling.
Shri Maha Vishnu in Threthayuga, came in human form (Sri Rama avatar) and showed us and our life style a way.He was a wonderful son,husband,brother,king,father and he maintained all these characters. He remains as a role model for all the yugas for us.Yugas can change,man’s life can change,we might not be able to live like Sri Rama but,Dharmam will not change.Our Sastras teach us  the right Dharma solutions for this yugam.We can follow this taught Dharma according to this yugam.
It is impossible for Sri Rama Himself to tell the Mahima (value) of RamaNamam. But,we have got this RamaNamam very easily and we are indeed very lucky. I hope all of you believe this completely and if you believe,chant the mantram  “RAM  RAMAYA  NAMAHA” immediately and become fortunate people.After some days,you will get to know about the greatness of this Rama Namamrutham (essence of RamaNamam). We will gain self experience and attain eternal happiness.I pray to my Aaradhya dhaivam, Anjaneya Swami to give each one of you this self experience and eternal happiness.
I didnt know anything about spiruality (aanmigam) either in my childhood or when i was a teenager and neither did i know anything about Rama Namam. When my daughter was a one year old baby (i was 27 years old ) she accidentally consumed acid and had severe burn injuries . When i think of this incident now also,  i don’t have the strength to tolerate it. At that minute i thought i will commit suicide along with my baby. At this situation, at Madras Stanley Hospital, HANUMAN CHALISA came to me. I could breathe easy slightly only after this. I experienced lots of difficulties and obstructions, but i took all these things  positively thinking it was my previous birth karma (poorva janma papam) Ever since then i have been doing regular poojas devotedly and bychance , without my knowledge got hold of RAMANAMAM, without knowing its greatness.  After coming to know that Swamy likes  RamaNamam and Bhagavad Gita, I have started chanting  RamaNamam regularly and doing Gita parayana too.  Like this some days——-
After some days, i don’t know what happened,  whether Hanuman was satisfied with my service for Him or my poorva janma papam came down. I could see in my dream Swami showing me a slate with the writing “RAM  RAMAYA  NAMAHA”. I took this as  my upadesa mantram. I consider Bhagavadh Gita as my direct guru and i am still practising its teachings in my daily life.
Any type of problem i face in the middle of the night or when i am not able to sleep or when my children fall sick,  i immedialtely chant RAMA MANTRAM. I don’t know if Lord Rama comes to me, but definitely Hanuman comes. My problems get solved immediately. I become mentally and physically strong,fearless and firm. I feel very happy. I still do not know how to express my feelings and experiences,  neither of the past nor the present. I will definitely continue to tell this world the excellence of RAMA NAMA and the fame of Anjaneya till i am alive.
“You save money,it increases.Love increases only when you share it with everybody without saving it.”
So, chant RAMA NAMAM, acquire  Rama’s love, distribute this love to everybody. This is what i have been doing for all these years and will continue to do. By the time I understood this, i have crossed 50 years.Time gone will never come back again. So utilise this time usefully .Do not waste time. Utilise it purposefully.
Sri Rama Navami will be celebrated at Sanjeevini Peetam on 1.04.2012, sunday evening at 6:00pm.Sri Rama raksha stotram parayanam,Rama Nama sankeertanam,Rama Bhajana,Rama shabdha visishtatha– discussion will take place.5 to 6 pm counselling session for children will take place .
All are welcome .

।। श्रीदिविजय मूलरमो विजयते ।।  ( Kabool Nundi Hari garu Pampinaru )

“Uttana dwadashi and Sri Uttaradi matha ”

This was the day when the Lord of the universe and loka mata in the roopa of idols, whohad been worshipped by sri brahma devaru, dasharata maharaja, and sri raamachandra devaru himself, was brought by shri narahari teertharu from gajapati kingdom(Orissa), by the aagnya of jevottama ananda teertharu. Sri Moola raama devaru and moola sita Devi came to the srimatha at the twilight on the auspicious day of tulasi lagna. Out of immense happiness srimadaacharyaru performed the samstaana puja again though it was evening and the second time in the same day. To commemorate this hour, even to this day, shri moola raama devara pooja is done in the evening in this parampara..

” aananda teertha paraananda varada ”