Sanjeevini Peetam 30 th Year Celebrations – 108 Hanuman Chalisa Divya Desam – Hanuman Prerana – Mathaji’s Sankalpam : 108 HANUMAN CHALISA ENGRAVED STONES PRATHISHTA ( Hanuman Chalisa Kalvettu Prathishta, Hanuman Chalisa Sila Palaka Prathishta) – As part of Satha Sahasra Koti Hanuman Chalisa Prachara Yagnam -6th HANUMAN CHALISA PRATHISHTA 18-4-2015

By | April 17, 2015

 Amavasya Celebrations

Om Hanumanthya Namaha, Om Narasimhya Namaha
Lord Hanuman wants ‘Hanuman chalisa’ to bless his devotees, our Hanuman Mathaji (Founder, Sanjeevini Peetam) said during her divine talk held at 6th Hanuman chalisa engraved stone installation in Arulmigu Anjaneyar Temple, Paarivakkam, Chennai organized by Paarivakkam Charitable Trust on April 18 (Ammavasai).
  Our Lord Hanuman who his in ‘Rama’ nama meditation, will be recollect his divine power by listening ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ (Chalisa begins with praising of Lord Rama and then Hanuman power).We got a huge opportunity to help our Lord Hanuman to recollect his divine power by chanting ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ and then our Hanuman shower his gratitude by blessing us in every moment of the life.Mathaji said that it will be more powerful reading Hanuman chalisa dedicatedly by knowing the meaning of each word.Every temple has different kind of vibrations and it is depends upon the devotion of devotees on the deity, if the devotees who will chant ‘Hanuman chalisa’ from the engraved stone or anywhere, which will increase the divine vibrations in the area and it also spread across 2 km radius from that spot, Mathaji said.
Mathaji, thanked all the devotees who were took initiative and also dedicated their precious time for the installation of ‘Hanuman Chalisa engraved stone’ in the temples and other venues. Our Lord Hanuman definitely bless all the devotees who are engaged in the 108 Chalisa prathishta yagnam for rendering their valuable time in this Kaliyuga by overcoming lot of anti thoughts.Chant Hanuman Chalisa by knowing its meaning and then see how our Lord Hanuman changes our life meaningfully.
– Peetam desk



6th Hanuman Chalisa engraved stone sponsor by :
K.Hanuma chaithanya Rs 5000
Kanchana Rs. 2000
Balachander Rs. 1000
Ramalingam Rs. 2000
Vishanth Rs. 1000

Ramesh Rs. 1000
Any short fall in the amount, the same is borne by me. Hence No Bank Account is maintained in the name of the Peetam. – Hanuman Mathaji



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