HANUMAN CHALISA MANDAPAM at Anjanamma Land – Sanjeevini Peetam 30 th Year Celebrations – 108 Hanuman Chalisa Divya Desam – Hanuman Prerana – Mathaji’s Sankalpam : 108 HANUMAN CHALISA ENGRAVED STONES PRATHISHTA ( Hanuman Chalisa Kalvettu Prathishta, Hanuman Chalisa Sila Palaka Prathishta) – As part of Satha Sahasra Koti Hanuman Chalisa Prachara Yagnam

By | April 13, 2014

HANUMAN  CHALISA  MANDAPAM – Mathaji’s Talk (Telugu )





                 HANUMAN  CHALISA  MANDAPAM – Mathaji’s Talk (English )

1.) The project of constructing Hanuman Chalisa Mandapam is only to lift myself but not to restore others.Due to omnipotence of Lord Hanuma or to be fortunate enough to have Bhagawadgita as my Guru, to make my human birth as holy and sacred,with the support of my family members, we have started this project.
2.) Mainly, NO DONATIONS ARE ACCEPTED. We are unable to figure out whose earnings are fair and who are gentlemen. Now selfishness is ruling in people.Very few know that earlier many times this project was planned but not worked out. Hence it was started without informing anyone. I apologize for that.
3.) As per my capacity, this year with two lakh rupees (20×10) for a small Hanuman Chalisa Mandapam, next year another deed, the very next year one more task and so on,we are planning to start. As soon as I am into 60th year, I want to spend my rest of the life in swamy’s sannidhi by making minimum required amenities for my stay there in that village.At present there are no minimum facilities to make my stay comfortable over there. Not only that I have to fulfill some physical responsibilities.
4.) Since 8 years, I am in a good relation with villagers. They became very near and dear to me. And also they have great faith in the lord and also in me.I feel that i should safeguard the trust and faith what those villagers have in me. I will strive hard to my level best to inculcate spiritual awareness in the villagers,canvass for the imperishable National unity and to guide our traditional doctrines.
5.) To cease the propaganda of the other religions, first of all we should know the meaning of the word ” RELIGION” and what is Indian Religion. This can be done only by following certain things.For that I started this trial of a small project. Hence I request your wholehearted support and blessings. I feel that Lord Hanuma has appointed me as representative to fulfill this great responsibility.





Koti Rama Nama Prathistha – 27-4-2014


Hanuman Chalisa Sloka Prathishta 15-6-2014

Hanuman Chalisa Dohas on Granite Stones




Hanuman Chalisa Mandapam Project – Additional Room pooja

(Vanta sala / Kitchen)  2-7-2014 




Rented House Warming function @ Dusi, Kancheepuram.

& Vasthu Yanthra – Masthya Yanthra Prathistha



Hanuman Chalisa Mandapam Construction – Balance Sheet………


Mathaji 2 days Programme @ Kancheepuram  19,20-7-2014 

Anjanamma Land, Erikatha Anjaneya swami Sannidi, Sanjeevaraya Hanuman Temple at Ayyangarkulam, Adi Krithika Pooja for Hanuman.


Kitchen Room Warming function 21-12-2014

Auspicious day for Lord Hanuman (Amavasya and moola nakshatram ), Kitchen Room Warming function, Hanuma Sanjeevini Peetam Deeksha Viramana ceremony on 21-12-2014 at Anjanamma land near Erikatha Anjaneyar Sannidhi, Kanchipuram & Shuttle cock playing.