Magha Poornima Celebrations 22-2-2016 Magha (Samudra) Snanaalu

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Magha Poornima Celebrations 3-2-2015 Magha (Samudra) Snanaalu

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Magha Poornima Celebrations 14-2-2014 Magha (Samudra) Snanaalu



Magha Masam is one of the most sacred month because at the beginning of the month the sun sets on its northern path. Magha Poornima is the last and most important day in this month. It is regarded as an auspicious day to take holy bath.‘Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya ’ is recited while taking a bath.

It is believed that taking baths on the day of Magha Poornima relieves a person from all problems related to the Sun and the Moon. This month is believed to be related to Puja, austerities etc.

Magha masam of the scientific approach:-
Magha masam has also been considered to be important from a scientific point of view. This month helps a body to adjust to the changing seasons, the transition from autumn to winter. The winter solstice marks as the beginning of winter. New plants and flowers can be seen all around. Hence, taking a bath in the morning during this month provides a person with power and strength. This proves that if a person keeps his soul pure and indulges in religious activities, he becomes more powerful so that he can face all problems easily. – Jai Bhajaranga bali — Mathaji