16th Hanuman Chalisa Divya Desam – 16th HANUMAN CHALISA ENGRAVED STONES PRATHISHTA 15-8-2015 – Venue: Shri Shuddhadwaita Vaishnav Balamandir Nursery & Primary School, Shenoy Nagar, Chennai. Ph 2664 4799

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Om Hanumanthaya Namaha, Om Narasimhaya Namaha
Our Hanuman Mathaji, began her divine talk to the students that ‘She unable to speak fluently in Tamil and English like you children’ but you will all understand my thoughts, what I am try to share with you’ during the 16th Hanuman Chalisa Engraved Stone (English) installation in Shri Shuddhadwaita Vaishnav Balamandir Nursery & Primary School (managed by S. S. V. Mahasabha, Chennai), 6, Gajapathi Street, Shenoy Nagar, Chennai on Aug. 15 as part of 69th Independence Day Celebration.
She expressed to the children gathered at the program, that there were no such facilities those days like you all enjoying now. She was so humble to the gathering, but the fact is number of prominent and eminent celebrities are waiting for her appointment to meet.
Mathaji who is B.A in Advanced Telugu in academic, learnt to read the Srimath Bhagavath Gita intensively to understand meaning of the Telugu words used in Gita and to know gain more knowledge from the essence of Lord Krishna thoughts. Yes, thoughts no need languages, it will automatically reflect in our body by our action and reactions in every moment. So clean thoughts is very essential for attain divinity. We can speak more knowledgably to everyone on all topics, but with out clean thoughts, our knowledge will not be creates any impact to others and also for ourselves.
Mathaji said we can get clean thoughts by chanting Hanuman Chalisa by the knowing meaning of each words and we should feel the each letters of chalisa. If we practise chalisa in this manner, our thoughts automatically diverted to Lord Hanuman. There is no way for our Hanuman and he will surely make our thoughts clean to attain divinity, she said. Clean thoughts lead to lean inside not outside.
– Peetam Devotee


Harihi Om
we are blessed by our global friend lord Hanuman and our Guru (Amma) Mathaji to participate in the 16th Hanuman chalisa Engraved Stones Prathista and 69th Independence day celebration at Shri Shuddhadwaita Vaishnav Balamandir Nursery School, Shenoy nagar, Chennai. we all reached the school at 7.30 am. We all decorated Hanuman chalisa stones with flowers in the guidance of Venuji. School principal and teachers arranged the children in line to welcome our Mathaji .
Correspondent and chief guest Sanjeevji appreciated Our Mathaji for HER good sankalpam of Hanuman chalisa prathishtas with the blessings of Lord Hanuman. School Principal Mrs. Neela. N. Desai and correspondent Mr. Kishanlal Kothari welcomed
our Mathaji with garland and school children chanting Hanuman chalisa. Lord Krishna and Ganesh were decorated with flowers.
Our Mathaji lighten the lamp and inaugurated the Hanuman chalisa stones. After that school independence day celebration started. Chief Guest Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, proprietor of Mehta jewellers, Pius Kalathil Director, gremaltes Hospital and our Mathaji hoist the national flag with principal & Correspondent and March past of children.
Mathaji requested the children to read Hanuman chalisa once in a day while exams or if any health problem. HER wish was that Bhagwad Gita has to be taught in the schooling itself. Celebration ended with National Anthem. We all visited Lord Balaji temple with our Mathaji ,venkatanarayana road, t.nagar. Recieved Balaji’s (Sravana sanivaram) blessings.
Jai bajarangabali
Jai Sri ram……
Bindu Srinivasulu……



National Anthem – Jathiya Geetham  జాతీయ గీతం  – Telugu, English Lyrics  &  meening

20_Janaganamana 629809292 janagana janagana

National Anthem english meening

16th Hanuman Chalisa Divya Desam Venue: Shri Shuddhadwaita Vaishnav Balamandir Nursery & Primary School # 6, Gajapathi Street, Shenoy Nagar, Chennai – 600 030 Land Mark – German Hospital in Shenoy Nagar.

Ph : 2664 4799

Date: 15th August 2015 (Saturday) Time: 8  am

Chief Guests ;
Shri Kishanlal Kothari
Correspondent, Shri Shuddhadwaita Vaishnav Higher Secondary School

S. Sanjeev Kumar – 98840 83194
Prop- Mehta Jewellers

Pius Kalathil – 98411 86400
Director, gremaltes Hospital

& Our Hanuman Mathaji


Special Thanks to Incharges :

Venuji – 98403 64567

Correspondent,  Shri Kishanlal Kothari

Principal : Smt. Neela N.Desai – 99413 20455



Contributions :-
Manilal M Mehta Girls’ Higher Secondary Gujarathi School – 2500/-
Ganeshan Kavessari (Muskat)- 1116/-
T.R.Ramesh (Cuttack) – 500/-
T. R. Hariprasad (Cuttack) – 500/-
Rajendran – 500/
Bindu – 2000/- ( Sanjeevini Peetam distributed Hundis to devotees last year
and the amount saved was given for Hanuman Chalisa Prathista Yagnam.)
P. Abhinav – 1000/-
N. Kosala Ram – 1000/-
Hanuma chaithanya – 1000/-

Venuji – 2000/-

Any short fall in the amount, the same is borne by me.
Hence No Bank Account is maintained in the name of the Peetam – Hanuman Mathaji