Srimath Bhagavath Geetha Sathsangam

By | August 21, 2013

“Sathsangathve Nissangathvam
Nissangathve Nirmohathvam
Nirmohathve Nischala tathvam
Nischala tathve Jeevan Mukthaha”



5-1-2014  –   Jai Bajarang Bali- Jai Jai Sanjeevini peetam  


On the  occasion of  Vijaya Dasami Celebrations

Bhagavath Gita Reciting Competition for Sanjeevini Peetam Members 13-10-2013

Harihi Om
With Mathaji’s direction , the committe members of Sanjeevini Peetam recited the 12th chapter from the most precious Bhagavath Gita.
Everyone, in a dedicated way, practiced the slokas for a fortnight before this day of competition.Mathaji was highly impressed with the committed efforts taken by all the members in their recitation.Any competition will be incomplete without distribution of prizes.Mathaji adjudicated the proceedings.She took many condition to justify the prize winners. Prizes were given as enlisted below

First prize – Mrs.Rukmani Sathyanarayana B.A.,
Second prize – Mrs.Bindu Srinivasulu. Hindi Vidwan
Third prize – Mr.P.Venkatesan  Ph.D.,D.Sc., Professor Emeritus, Loyola college,chennai
Consolation Prize 1 – Mrs.Umalakshmi Venkatesan
Consolation Prize 2 – Mrs.Girija Janakiram
Special prize 1 – Mr. S.Sathyanarayana B.A.,
Special prize 2 – Ms.S.Susmitha B.E.,

Mathaji concluded the activity with a memorable message, which reflects upon the joy and paramanandham that everyone experienced in devoted preparation and presentation of slokas from Bhagavath Gita. This will be definitely a motivational beginning to continue with other chapters.
Mathaji openly expressed her heartfelt satisfaction that the day has fulfilled her vision and mission to the harmonity.

The details of contribution made by the Committee members as given below:

1.Umalakshmi                                                     Rs. 500
2.Suncoo Srinivasulu                                         Rs.500
3.Suncoo Ravindra                                             Rs.500
4.V.P.Janakiram                                                  Rs.500
5.Suncoo Satyanarayana                                 RS.500
6.Suncoo Sanjay Kumar                                   Rs.500
7.S.S.Susmitha                                                    Rs.500
8.V.Sujatha                                                           Rs.100
9.P.Srinivasulu                                                     RS 1000
Total                                                                        Rs.4600/-
The amount spent towards conducting the Competition & vijaya Dasami Celebrations
The Balance amount was contributed by me
Balance amount Nil.
In this regard I would like to inform that for all the activities conducted in the PEETAM, members are willingly coming forward to contribute for conducting the event or pooja. Any short fall in the amount, the same is borne by me.  Hence No Bank Account is maintained in the name of the Peetam.



Om Sairam Mahtaji Hari Ohm.Thank you for accepting our request and for coming to our house for Discourse on GITA Chapter-17, between 3.00 P.M. and 7.00 P.M. October 2nd 2013.
My address—V.P.Janakiram,
Old No. 27, New No. 53,Kamarajar Salai,
Ramakrishna Nagar,Valasaravakkam,Chennai-600 087.
Ohm.Janakiram V.P -98407 29752.


The 6th SATHSANGAM on recitation of 17th chapter of Bhagawadgita entitled “Srathathraya Vibhaga Yogam” was delivered by Mathaji Kanyakumari in our residence at Alwarthiru Nagar, Valasaravakkam, Chennai

The excerpt of the chapter was diffused in our mind and heart by the unassuming discourse of Mathaji
Devotees who participated developed the confidence in reciting the slogas of Gita. Everyone felt the significance of our earthly life to be practiced in the direction of Gita
Mathiji concluded with her message in a nutshell through an incident. Fisherman throws the fishing net with his potential every day in the water to have the maximum yield, but he cannot do so the fish near his feet.
Similarly if every one of us breathe the Gita and practice the same, we are sure to reach the LOTUS FEET OF THE ALMIGHTY. Such a Saranagathy is definitely inseparable from the amalgamation of our Athma with PARAMATHMA.
Is it not our aim and goal to do Dharma and carry forward the same in the generations thereafter?


5th SATHSANGAM Chapter-14 from Srimath Bhagavath Gita
{22-9-2013} Sunday / Venue :
V.Surendra Bsc. BL. Dep. Sec. TNEB (retd) DHMB (consultant) Advocate(High court).
48, 3rd Main Road, Vijaya Nagar, Velachery-42
Land mark : Vijaya nagar Bus Terminus, Kaushika Fancy Stores.
Contact No. 9884065615….


Harihi om ,
Bhagavath Gita Yagnam
On 22/09/13 at 11.30 am the recital of chapter 14th of Bhagvath   Gita held  at my residence no.48 .3rd  main road , vijayanagar  Velacherry with the lighting of kuthuvilakku following the tradition  The chapter Gunathraya  Vibhagayogam deals with sathva , raja, and thama characters and how each   individual is grouped into these three types of characters. The recital of chapter 12th and 15th of the Gita was also recited.
The Mathaji’s approach is unique in attracting the family members (gruhastas) towards chanting the Gita chapters.  Mathaji comes to the houses of her ‘Sanjeevini Peetam’ members gathers them ,makes them realise  the essence of Gita helps them to chant Gita ,chapter by chapter and explains in a most simple and easily understandable way.
Mathaji is conducting domestic seminars ,mingles with every individual member and enlightens  them with the essence of Gita.Shy / timid type of persons also come closer to recitte the stanzas and feel confident when they are corrected . it is an unique approach.  Mathaji further describes about the Gita chanting and its vibration can heal the body disturbance.
Why not each individual Hindu can learn chanting of Gita  step by step understanding its full essence and become purified and glorify by themselves.

With  humble pranams,
V.Surendra Bsc BL DHBM(Retd. Deputy Secretary Tamilnadu Electricity Board)
TANGED Co. Homeopathy & Advocate Madras High Court.

Hari hi Om

The 5 Sathsangam on Chapter-14 from Srimath Bhagavath Gita was held on Sunday, the 22 of Mrs. Vasundara, a committee member of the Peetam),48, 3rd Main Road, Vijaya Nagar, Velachery, Chennai 42.
Since it was also the day of Aswini nakshathram in Bhadrapada masam, that depicts the day when Nagakanya worshipped Lord Hanuman and was rescued from Raktharoma Asura, sathsangam was initiated by Mathaji with chanting theHanuman Chalisa for 11 times by all the devotees between 12 noon and 1 p.m.
Mathaji delivered the discourse on chapter 14 (Gunathriyavibhaga Yogam) of Bhagavath Gita that narrates the three gunas that exist in this world among human. Her interpretation and explanation on these divine slogas was with a high sense of clarity to all the devotees, who assembled.
The discourse was coupled with a brain storming session, wherein Mathaji gave explicit clarification in depth and ended with a message:
“My dear devotees! Practice the way of life in such a way that everyone should aim at Sathva guna to reach the Lotus foot of God”.
The highlights of the sathsangam are:

  • One devotee raised a doubt on the subtle difference between sathva guna and Saathviham and her explanation with an example is the vajra of Mathaji’s discourse.
  • The devotional song on “Gita Bodhinchinaru” by Suncoo sisters (Mrs. V.Sujatha Surendra, Mrs. V. Girija Janakiram, Mrs. Umalakshmi Venkatesan and Mrs. Aravindalakshmi Dhamodhar) after the Aganda Haarathi imprinted the love and respect on Mathaji’s discourse and the ambience of the auspicious day.
  • Discussion on the trip to Erikatha Anjanaya on 29
  • The Sathsangam ended with another devotional song on “Udipi Krishna” by Ms. Sushmita and Ms. Duhitha.

Dr.P.Venkatesan,UGC Professor Emeritus in Zoology,(Room No: JS 05) Zoology block II floor, Loyola College,Chennai-600034. PH -94441 03752.

Harihi Om,
First I would like thanks Mathaji on behalf of my family and our committee members for her continuous initiative of spreading across the world Bhagavath Gita importance and essence. Yesterday’s Mathaji’ s continuous six hours discourse made us to stick on to Bhagavath Gita on day to day life along with our routine work.
The yesterday’s 14 to realize where we stands now and what steps need to be taken to reach top most “Sattwa” guna. Also Mathaji s approach of making us to read one sloka and correcting their mistakes while reciting slokas really appreciable. On her 6 chapter without any mistakes and this was appreciated by Mathaji.
Till yesterday am not in a position to recite even one sloka without mistake but now I got confidence to recite some of slokas without mistakes. I wish all the best for Mathaji’s initiative of spreading the “Great Bhagavath Gita” to the World. Each and every one should follow as said in Gita then there wouldn’t beany problem in our day to day life.

Sathyanarayana Suncoo
Ph :99622 33595


Programme : 11.30 am Bhagavath Gita 14th Chapter – Discourse.
2 to 3 Lunch….3 to 5.30 Gita Discourse and Hanuman Chalisa Parayanam 6 pm Akanda Harathi. —–Jai Sri Krishna


4th  SATHSANG  Chapter-15 from Srimath Bhagavath Gita  {4-9-2013}.
At Sanjeevini peetam


3rd Sathsangam (16th  Chapter) – Venue : Prof.P.Venkatesan,Ph.D.,D.Sc., Professor Emeritus, Loyola college,chennai (House) – 1-9-2013.

Good collection of books has been exhibited as a small Library in Mr. P.Pandarinathan Venkatesan House. Is highly Appreciable. Hanuman Bless you sir. Jai Bhajaranga bali.-Mathaji

——————————————————————————————-Dr.P.Venkatesan,UGC Professor Emeritus in Zoology,(Room No: JS 05) Zoology block II floor, Loyola College,Chennai 600034 says:

After willingess and acceptance from Mathaji and blessings of Lord Hanuman and Lord Krishna, me (Prof.P. Venkatesan Ph.D., D.Sc.) with my family organised the 3rd Sathsangam on Bhagavath Gita headed by Mathaji on Sunday, the 1st September 2013 evening at my residence – Subiksha apartments, Old. No.6 (New 17) Sankaraparam 3rd street, Choolaimedu, Chennai 600 094. We saluted her visitation at 4 p.m. with nearly 60 bhakthas (my relatives and peetam members).
When I welcomed Mathaji, I quoted the sayings of Mathaji that “Fragrance of natural and quality flowers drag a human towards them wherever they are . Similarly, God comes to the place of a bhaktha who chants his name wholeheartedly. Mathaji was greeted with a bunch of flowers, my wife paid honour with a shawl and we offered our admiration with fruits and thambulam. Mathaji accepted our feelings with a smile that touched our heart.
Her non-stop stunning discourse on Bhagavath Gita was awesome, thought provoking that kindled many of us to have a healthy interaction with Mathaji. On many occasions, she answered one with the question of the other so that it was a real brain storming session and none of us felt that it was a 200 minute upanyasam rendered by Mathaji. Everyone was deep enough in their concentration, commitment and observation.
My relatives expressed their contention that such enlightening discourse make oneself to follow and practice what Krishna said. Mathaji left a mark of sublime in our conscience that we anxiously await to listen and interact with her in the next discourse at the earliest.
Any pitfall is mine and all the greatness to Mathaji.
PRANAM TO ALL FOR MAKING THE SATHSANGAM MEANINGFUL AND MEMORABLE and to Lord Hanuman for giving wealth of strength to my wife


So, 1st Sathsangam – Venue :Suncoo. Sreenivasulu House, Parrys, Chennai – 18-8-2013.


2nd Sathsangam (6th  Chapter) – Venue : Sanjeevini peetam, Chennai – 20-8-2013.