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By | August 15, 2011
I feel extremely happy in thanking all the devotees who write about their true, original and wholehearted experiences during their visit to Sanjeevini Peetam , in the column “Devotee talks”.
       These are 100% true words, which one can experience as they start surrendering to Lord Hanuman, without any lies and  exaggeration . It is so encouraging for us to read all your various versions , how you  all are  trying hard to follow my guidance and slowly  trying to get  closer to Hanuman.      Surrender to him completely, utilise the one and only tool ”Hanuman Chalisa” and without your knowledge, you can see your feed back in ”Devotee talks”.   I too would like to thank Lord Hanuman, for making me  his true devotee, helping me out of my difficulties, making me set up this Peetam and bringing it up in a very successful way.
       With Lord Hanuman’s blessings to all of you.   Your’s MATHAJI


I will always cherish that moment when I’d first met Mathaji. It was more than 12 years back, when I sat in front of her, feeling completely worthless and unfit to live. I was so deep in sorrow. But Her counseling was so comforting, that very soon I felt that life was after all worth living. Compared to the challenges what Mathaj had faced, mine was nothing! She then imparted to me a ‘POKISHAM’ called ‘Hanuman Chalisa’. After I started chanting it 11 times everyday, my family soon became united. Slowly but steadily, sorrow was replaced by joy and laughter! I regularly attended all the Poojas conducted by Sanjeevini Peetam. Mathaji always explained every detail of the Poojas, why and how it is conducted. During one such pooja, She shared Her ‘treasure’ with the devotees. It was ‘The MOST POWERFUL MALAMANTRAM’. By chanting it 5 times everyday, Id experienced many miracles. But in spite of all this, I was very immature at that time. Rather than placing my trust on Lord Hanuman, I depended only on Mathaji for everything. Every time I faced a challenge, I would get disappointed immediately and call up Mathaji, expecting Her to solve it for me! 
But Sanjeevini Peetam’s discourses on Lord Hanuman enlightened me in many ways. Mathaji always says, 
“If you have to please Hanuman, you have to BECOME Hanuman!!”
It was then I started identifying and rectifying my flaws. I also realised that it was I who has to face my Karmas. Mathaji can only guide me 
After this realisation, I felt ashamed of myself for disturbing Mathaji unnecessarily.
I stopped whining about my problems to Her and surrendered to Lord Hanuman. I approached my obstacles with more clarity and patience! 
I also learnt to ‘light a candle than to curse the darkness !’ 
I was able to identify miracles.
Miracles never came gift wrapped to me! 
At first, they always appeared like disasters!
To quote one example was when my son, a general proficiency student, just scrapped through his 12th board exams. When my family members asked me, ” You did Homams, parayanams and fasted for so many days. What’s the use? Now who will give him an Engineering seat?”
I waited…
Then the miracle happened! 
Among his friends who scored very well, my son was the first one to get an Engineering seat without any hassels!
And that too inside the city itself!
I did not ask Hanuman to grant what I wanted for my son.
I simply accepted what He gave.
When we entered our house compound after my son’s admission…
there He was, a monkey out of the blues, sitting in our garden! It looked at us, then plucked a sapota fruit from our garden, ate it and went away.
Today, my son enjoys college life to the fullest! No stress and no outside food.
Last but not the least, now my family believe that Hanuman definitely has answered my prayers! 
I can quote many miracles like this.
I try my best to follow all what Mathaji has preached. Now, to me,
My home is ‘My Sanjeevini Peetam.’
Hanuman Chalisa is ‘My THAAYATHU’ 
And Hanuman Malamanthram is ‘My DIVINE YANTHRAM’
And I have placed Mathaji in my Heart! Whenever I want to be blessed, I just imagine Her Lotus Feet and bow down. 
Equipped with all these, I am a more confident person now. Today, I lead a successful life, a house for myself, a respectable profession and enough money for my needs. 
Hanuman keeps me so busy that time is the biggest challenge now. 
But I will never give it as an excuse and compromise my services to the Lord! 
Now I too perform Tuesday Poojas, chant all the mantras which Mathaji has shared on whatsapp and facebook.
…. because I believe in Miracles!
If I were to give excuses for time and doing service to God, then I would only stay where I’d started!!
Jai Jai Bajarangabali!!


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  1. Parvathi Kumar {Australia}

    Dear All
    Just to let you know if your interested in doing Hanuman Chalisa, please join the group. Have nice weekend

    Parvathi {Sat, Oct 6, 2012 at 2:50 AM}
    parvathi ma…your doing good job…. Hanuman blessings 100% with you…. your’s Mathaji {Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 1:35 PM}
    We are all doing well. By Hanumanji and BABA’s blessing my health has improved. Thanks for all the prayers., This is my little seva. Hope you are doing good. Convey my pranams to Mataji. Please send photos of hanumanji so that I can distribute to all the devotees at BABA mandir

    Parvathi {Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 1:46 PM}

  2. Bindu Srinivasulu

    Harihi Om,
    Our friend, philosopher, guide, Mother- Mathaji, informed the devotees of Sanjeevini Peetam to participate in the Srinivasa Vratham being held at Kuchalambal Kalyana Mandapam on Sat and Sun- 6th and 7th oct. Following her instructions, a few of our Peetam members rendered our best service possible for 2 days and received the Lord’s blessings. Our service was well appreciated by the Arya Vysya Samaj and a few other devotees present there. Doing service not only to our peetam, but for others also gave us immense satisfaction and happiness of spending the day usefully.
    What gave us extreme happiness was to see our Mathaji sitting one among the devotees and participating in the vratham.Her wholehearted blessings given to us created maximum happiness. It felt like your visit to that place had been fulfilled. Mathaji says the vibrations got from such pooja’s is most effective and sitting for allmost 4 hours which is slightly difficult, has to be accepted as a punishment from God to remove your negativities. Mathaji keeps every single person in mind and does whatever is best for them. Following every single instruction of her’s is important for our betterment because every single word of her’s is full of meaning. Thank you Lord Hanuman and Mathaji for this opportunity. Harihi Om.

  3. Prasad Kateelkar

    Sanjeevini Peetam devotees acted as volunteers on 6th and 7th of October 2012 on the occasion of “Bharatiya Vaibhavamu” Pravachanam by Pujyasri Paripoornaananda Saraswathi Swami organized by Sri Andhra Kala Sravanthi, Anna Nagar Arya Vysya Sangam.

    All our volunteers have supported the Puja events on both days serving the need of puja participants. It was nice to see our volunteers in uniform i.e., Orange & White that distinguished us from others. As Mathaji always said Orange color has distinction from others, and many have asked us about Sanjeevini Peetam and its activities. On 7th evening President of Sri Andhra Kala Sravanthi thanked Sanjeevini Peetam and its volunteers for making the events successful by tireless support.

    We thank Mathaji and Venuji who had given us a chance to serve a big public event that has given us confidence to support any future cultural events.
    Hari Hi Om.
    Prasad Kateelkar

  4. Pallavi

    Hello..I Am Pallavi..From JAIPUR (RAJASTHAN)..I Am Also a Devotee Of LORD HANUMAANJI..Like Others At SANJEEVINIPEETAM..I Want To Connect To SANJEEVNIPEETAM AND MATHAJI..Beyond This Website..What do I need To Do..How Can I Do This..Please Help Me..

  5. P Srinivas

    Very very happy to inform you all that due to Hanumanji Shakti & our Mathaji’s prayer we got clearance from Court reg our property dispute which was pending more than 5 years (details will be explained during our meet at peetam’s prog).

    Jai Rama Lakshmana Janaki, Jai Bholo Hanumanki,


    P Srinivas

  6. priyasuresh

    Harihi Om,
    Excellent Sundara Vanam at Sanjeevini Peetam on Nakshatra pooja day. Even though a Sundara Vanam is coming up at Dusi, a very beautiful, mini version was visible on that day. It was Hanuma’s ( Mathaji’s son) birthday on that day. Because green was favourable for his star, the entire alankaram was done in green. Anantha Padmanabha Swamy vratham also fell on that day. I believe this vratham comes once a year and your entire papams are supposed to be washed away on this particular day. Even though Mathaji’s health was not allright, she went ahead with the pooja doing all the decorations right from tying the betel leaves mala. She says she waits for this day every month and what ever obstacles come her way, she has been going ahead with this pooja for 27 years non-stop. Even though all these obstacles are a test from Lord Hanuman, she will never give up and is ready to fight any situation. In short she will not compromise for anything, where Hanuman is concerned. It was a delight watching a mother giving thamboolam to her son on his birthday. This hardly happens in any house where the modern trend is either taking the friends for a treat or calling everybody for cake cutting. Seeing a family like this, that too in this modern period, brings so much of joy and tears to one’s eyes. Harih Om.

  7. Janakiram V.P.

    Dear Hanuman Devotees,
    I am to inform that we are lucky and blessed to be in the company of Mathaji.The colouring competition has really brough awakening among the kids and their parents about HANUMAN. The kids came well prepared for the competetion, hence they would have done plenty of home work by seeing
    lot of pictures of HANUMAN and knowing lot of things of HANUMAN, this would really would have happened only with the guidance of their parents, so the parents are also knowing plenty of information about HANUMAN so the ambition of MATHAJI is getting fulfilled.
    Further, i would also like quote two incidents observed during the competition which will prove the kids involvement in knowing about HANUMAN. One boy was telling to the boy sitting next to him that his HANUMAN is a modern HANUMAN ans will wear ‘cooling glass’ and in the second incident the girl participation was heard telling that HANUMAN will always be shinning and so she has brought lot of shinning metal pieces which she will sprinkle over the coloured picture to have a glossy appearance. One boy was telling that HANUMAN like laddus very much and so they have given in the picture. All these prove that the children and their parents have taken lot of pains to know about HANUMAN. I hope that coming competitions will also create lot awareness among the participants and the deisresof MATHAJI will be fulfilled.
    Seeing 200 children intwo batches colouring the HANUMAN picture is really a great gifted secene for all the volunteers, I really thank MATHAJI for giving us this opportunity to serve the mankind which is liked and desired by GOD.

  8. priyasuresh

    Harihi Om,
    Very happy to see Sushmitha’s and Niveditha’s names as the best volunteers for the colouring competition. Getting a good remark from Mathaji is an achievement. Unless and until she is 100% happy with your service, she will never give you so much credit. Their complete involvement at this young age is very clear with Mathaji’s remarks. I don’t think she has pinpointed anybody in particular till today. I wish them to come up more in the forth coming programmes. It is really encouraging, satisfying and extremely happy to see youngsters entering the spiritual line. We never had such an opportunity and exposure at our young age. Do make use of this excellent platform to the maximum. Lord Hanuman and Mathaji will always be with both you. Harihi Om.

  9. Bhumaiah Velthapu

    Jai Hanuman,
    Thank you very much to informing us. Can we do at my Place also the Pooja??
    Bhumaiah Velthapu
    South Africa

  10. Parvathi Kumar

    Sairam Lavanya
    You truely gifted by God… What beautiful GANESHA!!!!
    Parvathi (Australia)

  11. Vijayganesh

    Dear Sanjeevini peedam family,

    Yesterday after the colouring competition the POOJA conducted by our MATAJI gives our family immense and infinite pleasure, which can be obtained only through pure bhakthi blessed Guru..everyone can reach GOD but in this hurried world the way to reach GOD should be through a BHAKTHI MEDIUM OF A SELFLESS GURU which is our MATAJI. The ultimate goal of this BHAKTHI MARGAM is to service the society and lift everybody to the level of satisfied life on earth.

  12. priyasuresh

    Harihi Om,
    Yesterday’s colouring competition was superb. All the kids are so talented. The colouring skill, colour combinations, innovative thinking, creativity, neatness, fearlessness shown by most of the children was very much a delight for all of us. They had all come very well prepared. The parents as well as the children were very happy seeing the participation certificate given to each and every child before they entered the competition hall itself. Mathaji is always encouraging young talent in various fields. Her innovative thinking, implementation of ideas, service extraction from each of the members, approach towards parents and children, tireless work, updating with latest information on the website, service motive etc are all matchless. It is very evident that Lord Hanuman is always there with each and every action of hers. Thank you Lord Hanuman, Vinayaka and Mathaji for giving all of us this golden chance.

  13. Bhumaiah Velthapu

    Sri Maathaji,

    Namaskaramu, I am Bhumaiah Velthapu staying in South Africa, I am taking Hanuman Dheeksha for 11 Days every Year, I heard that Hanuman Vratham in Dec 2012. Please tell me Exact Date and what to do on that date??

    Bhumaiah Velthapu
    South Africa

  14. Vijayaganesan damodaran

    For a colouring competition thro phone i mailed my daughter’s name and visited your website as something pulls me as daily i am visiting the site studying data.
    Thanks and want to visit your place soon with family. We are a telugu family living in chennai with my wife bhargavi daughters hemashree and yashna(yashna only is participating in the competition due to age group), hemashree is learning carnatic vocal . We used to do Shiridi Sai aarathi at our home on thurdays, i think bhakthi will give peace always.

  15. p.maruthi devi

    My sincere thanks to sri .Rajagopal & this message is like a pillar to motivate our sanjeevini peetam members.THANK YOU LORD HANUMANJI WE NEED LIKE THIS STRONG PILLARS to construct chalisa mandapam

  16. Sathya Suncoo

    Hari Om,
    Read Mr.Rajagopalan email and noted his valuable offer towards Hanuman chalisa mandapam. Heartfull thanks onbehalf committee to them. Global God Hanuman always behind with them & bless them on their life journay.
    Hari Om
    Sathya suncoo

  17. Prasad Kateelkar

    It is very heartening to read the support given by Mr. Ranganathan of Larsen & Toubro for the construction of Hanuman Chalisa Mandapam by supplying cement and bricks at reduced cost. We are confident that such helps would pour in the coming months and the Mandapam takes shape well in time.

  18. Parvathi

    Thanks for sharing the video, it is nice to see puja from this far,

  19. priyasuresh

    Harihi Om,
    Very soothing and divine voice of Mrs.VatsalaPrasad on video. When she sang this song on Nakshatra Pooja, it was too good to hear the simple and beautiful wordings. Very neatly sung. A very short and sweet song highlighting Lord Hanuman’s Sindhooram. If you listen to this song with full concentration with your eyes closed, it takes you to Sanjeevini Peetam. This song shows Vatsala madam’s devotion towards Hanuman also. Thanks to Mathaji and Hanuma for keeping a separate video for this song alone.Vatsala madam, please do sing this song on all occasions. Harihi Om.

  20. Priya Suresh

    Harihi Om Aunty,

    Vanitha ( Radhika’s sister ) called up just now . She said her scan
    report is normal. Rest of the details she said she will talk to you in
    the morning. We are extremely thankful to you Aunty for your timely
    help and for spending so much time for each one of us. Though our
    mother’s are all far away, you are our acting mother for us. Any
    difficulty i call you up first and then talk to my mother. In my last
    mail i had written mother is only 1. Even though not born to you, you
    are definitely my 2nd mother and to my family also. No words to thank
    you Aunty. We are seeing Lord Hanuman in your form. Must be this is a
    major punyam we have done in our previous janma. Associating with you,
    we have started accumilating little punyam for our next birth. Anyway

  21. Priya Suresh

    Harihi Om Aunty,

    I spoke to Radhika ( Janani ). Since yesterday her father-in-law is
    showing improvement. Doctors have removed the ventillator. He is
    breathing normally. Movement of hands and legs is there. He opens his
    eyes and recognises everyone, but due to too many medicines he is
    still drowsy. Doctors say they will shift him to ward from ICU on
    saturday, in case he continues this way. Life is still not guarenteed,
    but there is improvement.

    You are excellent Aunty.Lord Hanuman and you form an excellent
    team.How well you have saved him through your pooja. REMARKABLE.
    Harihi Om Aunty.

  22. priyasuresh

    Harihi Om,
    Capsicum Hanuman- this is how we saw Him yesterday in His Nakshatra Pooja. The capsicum mala was made by Mathaji in a second. Hanuman seemed to have accepted this garland from His ever loving devotee ( Mathaji ) ready to withstand its wait for her sake. He was looking unusually charming yesterday. Mathaji always says that the devotees devotion reflects on the idol. Why capsicum was the question. Mathaji says we consume all kinds of fruits and vegetables and when all varieties are included in our cooking and naivedyam, why not for His pooja? He accepts any kind of offering from His sincere devotees. Excellent thinking from Mathaji which is always unique and a surprise to everyone. Thankyou Lord Hanuman and Mathaji for everythng. Harihi Om.

  23. Bindu srinivasulu

    Harihi Om,
    Yesterday’s Nakshathra pooja with 108 capsicums astothra pooja was excellent. Lord Hanuman was shining with different varities of flowers, capsicum mala & vadamala. Mainly I have to thank our team leader Vijaya Kumar sir, Lecturer of govt. arts college, Durga Prasad sir, my brother Janakiram, new Hanuman devotee & other our Sanjeevinipeetam Members who have given thier excellent ideas to construct HANUMAN CHALISA MANDAPAM PROJECT at Kanchipuram near Dusi.

  24. K.B.Vijayakumar

    Hari Om,
    Today myself and my family had the best happy moments of life. The pooja for the Hanuman was very astonishing. My entire family received blessings from Hanuman and Mathaji. We are very grateful to Mathaji. The Sinduram Song sung by one of the devotee was very devotional.
    Jai Hanuman 🙂

  25. SaralaMahalaxmi

    Hari Om,
    Today. I witnessed such a beautiful display of colors at Sanjeevinipeetam. Never would’ve anyone imagined Lord Hanuman adorned by a CAPSICUM GARLAND!!! He looked so dazzling. in this alankaram. I have to mention this~ Mrs. Vatsala Prasad’s divine voice as she sang on ‘Hanuman Sindoor’ brought such peace and solace to our hearts. I really wish she would sing this song during all the forthcoming poojas! Mathaji’s counselling was such an energy booster. After the pooja, we discussed about the construction of HANUMAN CHALISA MANDAPAM. Our TEAM LEADER. Mr. Vijayakumar kept us all energetically participating!!! I’m really looking forward for such meetings.

  26. priyasuresh

    Harihi Om,
    I am extremely thankful to Lord Hanuman for accepting my friend wholeheartedly as His devotee. He has been repeatedly saving her in many instances. She is extremely happy and surprised seeing all the miracles happening in her life. All this was possible only because of Mathaji’s sincere effort in rectifing her life. If not for her, there would have been furthur deterioration in her life. Mathaji always says complete faith and devotion in Hanuman will change your life completely. Thankyou Mathaji for this excellent guidance.
    I would request all other devotees too, to write the miracles happening in their lives. With Hanuman’s blessings and Mathaji’s guidance, i am sure many of you would have experienced changes for the good in your lives. Your devotee talks will be an energy booster for many people, helping them also to catch hold of the spiritual line. Please do not mistake me for the above said. Harihi Om.

  27. priyasuresh

    Harihi Om,
    I am extremely thankful to Aunty ( Mathaji ) for her timely Rasi remedy. This has been useful to so many of us. We never knew that these rasi’s were undergoing a bad time. We had the complete satisfaction of following your simple and effective instructions. You are literally Hanuman Himself to many of us. Sitting in your Gandhamadhana Parvatham, you have sent Sanjeevini plant to all the houses. Thank you again for thinking for others. Harihi Om.

  28. priyasuresh

    Harihi Om,
    Sanjeevini Peetam has given me a new life. I cannot describe the tricks of Lord Hanuman. He is the one who punishes you, but definitely shows you the way to correct yourself. It is here that you will have to catch the way He has shown you, utilising it 100% and bring in a new life for yourself. If you misutilise this opportunity, we are definitely the suffers. But all said and done we have to experience the period of our bad karma. I thank Lord Hanuman and Mathaji for giving me a cure from my urological problem. I am sorry mathaji, as far as my english knowledge goes i think thanks is the only big word which i can use. Mathaji has been praying so much for me, has shown me the correct direction for my cure and has been a pillar of support for me. She does not get bored to say prayers for others or give regular counselling for anybody. The least thing i can do is to render my maximum service to Lord Hanuman, in what ever form He wishes. Mathaji always says ” service to God wholeheartedly will bring your bad karma down”. I will definitely follow this light which He has shown me. Harihi Om.

  29. Bindu Srinivasulu

    Harihi Om!!!
    We were not able to attend Akanda RamaNama japam at Mylapore Temple.We were in Tirupati on that day, coincidently we were able to visit ancient Vakulamatha’s Temple(Lord Balaji’s Mother) through Paripoornananda Swamiji’s padha yathra with all devotees. Though we couldnot participate in Akanda RamaNama japam,delighted to see the photos of Lord Hanuman through our Sanjeevini Peetam website.
    Jai Hanuman!!!

  30. Vatsala & Prasad Kateelkar

    Through Sanjeevini Peetam website Mr. Shankaranarayanan announced that Akanda Rama Nama Japam will be chanted from 7 AM to 7 PM at Mylapore Anjaneyar Sannithi on Sunday 19-8-2012 . Eventhough we could not attend full day, we thought we should participate atleast for one hour in the evening. Mr. Shankara-narayanan family and others were chanting “OM SHRI RAM JAI RAM JAI JAI RAM” continuously for 12 hours without a break. The programme completed successfully with chanting HANUMAN CHALISA and other slokams after 7.00 pm. Mathaji performed Aarthi and appreciated devotion and dedication of Mr. Shankaranarayanan family for conducting this programme. Mathaji informed that we are lucky here to decorate Hanumanji and perform puja personally whereas in big temples we have darshan from distance. Chanting Rama Nama is done by us anytime but offering our service to God by cleaning and maintaining the place is part of Bakthi and devotion that adds to our Punniyam.
    I must tell all of you that we could feel the vibration when chanting Rama Nama at that place. We came home with a sense of satisfaction that we used our evening time usefully. Our thanks to Shankarnarayanan’s family for giving us this opportunity.
    Hari Hi Om.
    Vatsala & Prasad

  31. sathyanarayana suncoo

    Hari Om,
    Thanks to Mathaji for giving an oppurtunity to serve for our hindu culture and for global God and brining initiative constructing mandapam in Dusi to serve for our global God and spread hindu culture all over the world. Also positive energy from Mr. Vijayakumar & Mr. Prasad during the meeting when less committee members were attended. Hope all other committe members will extend their support to complete this project succesfully.

    Suggestion for Mandapam Name : “Sundara Mandapam”
    Sathya S

  32. Prof. Venkatsan (now on short visit to Singapore)

    Hari Om.
    Me and my wife-Uma missed your birthday celebrations since we are now in Singapore on a month’s visit. We were blessed by you by reading your talk in the website. We understood that distance is not a matter with mathaji, since the vibration reached by reading your talk-ie. the meaning of human life.
    we are sure that chanting Hanuman Chalisa from here can take our heart to the Peetam. Hari Om.

  33. Sarala Mahalaxmi

    Hari Om Mathaji,
    We wish You a Very Happy Birthday. The only gift we can give You is to follow all Your advices and spread the fragrance of Hanuman Chalisa. You have taught us what patience is, what it is to be patient and the benifits of patience. You are our pillar of strength and hope. If not for Your counselling, we would be still lost and lonely. On Your birthday,we all pledge that we will live true to Your words and seek the blessings of Lord Hanuman.
    ThankYou Mathaji, for being You.
    ThankYou Mathaji for introducing us to Lord Hanuman.

  34. Radha

    Hari OM
    I am very happy to wish MATHAJI on her birthday.she is not only a wonderful woman but also a great human being.she always prays for others.we all chant HANUMAN chalisa on her birthday.HANUMAN will give her a long life.

  35. Prasad

    We seek Mathaji’s help whenever we have problems. Mathaji also prays to Hanumanji to solve our problems. Many devotees have already realised benefits through Mathaji and acknowledged their experiences through Devotees Talk. In return Mathaji never expected anything from devotees. For all pujas and celebrations they use own funds and never expects from devotees.

    Therefore, we feel it is our turn to express our gratitude in some way. One suggestion is to pool our contributions – small or big – and construct a Mandapam facility at Sundaravanam (Eri Katha Anjaneyar Sannithi) located at Dusi, Kanchipuram. The Mandapam and other basic facilities will be a First Step initiated by all of us for a strong foundation of Sanjeevini Peetam at Kancheepuram that will become a land mark place at Dusi.

    I do not know Mathaji accepts our suggestion or not; however, expressed my views in this platform. I request Mathaji to permit me to put this matter in Devotees Talk.

    Hari Hi Om.

  36. priyasuresh

    Harihi Om ,
    Thanks is such a small word to thank Lord Hanuman who appeared in the form of a monkey after the Nakshatra pooja was over in my friends place . The Nakshatra pooja was done on her name yesterday . His appearence has raised so many questions in our mind and has been an unexpected , shocking , wonderful blessing for her . Does Hanuman accept small devotees like us ? What are we going to do in return for Him ? Has He accepted us wholeheartedly ? What are we going to do to retain our place in His heart ? His appearence has given us unexplainable happiness . We should thank Mathaji for all her sincere , true , wholehearted , tireless efforts . I thank Lord Hanuman and Mathaji personally for all the help they are doing to my friend . There are still so many thoughts which cannot be explained . Lord Hanuman , give us many more opportunities to serve you and Sanjeevini Peetam . Harihi Om .

  37. Prasad

    Dear Mathaji,
    Hari Hi Om,

    I have written whatever was in my memory since I did not note it down on paper. I am not happy with the write-up.
    I think I have missed many points. If so, I want to discuss once again with you before I put up in Devotee’s Talk,.
    I am not happy and comfortable on this. Kindly go through the same and advise me the changes I have to make.

    This is why I took these many days to put forward this matter. I am sorry to disturb you in this regard.
    Hari Hi Om,

    We never expected that today we will have an excellent meeting with Mathaji. During

    meeting, Mathaji told us to remember these golden words.

    TIME is golden. Every moment, every second is precious in our life. Our daily life in

    the past and present was spent in solving problems or search of satisfying our needs.

    Ultimately we achieved nothing. Time lost never comes back. At least now we should

    make use of Time available with us worthwhile by devoting time to God; by chanting

    slokas, service and in Satsanghs .

    This body is not yours, neither are you of the body. The body is made of fire, water, air,
    earth and ether, and will disappear into these elements. But the soul is permanent – so
    who are you?” The rock, plants, trees or vegetables – everything is made of earth.

    “Dedicate your being to God. He is the one to be ultimately relied upon. Those who
    know of his support are forever free from fear, worry and sorrow.”

    “Whatever you do, do it as a dedication to God. This will bring you the tremendous
    experience of joy and freedom of life forever.”

  38. Shanthi Nithyaraman

    Hari Om,
    First of all I have to thank Mathaji for showing the path to chant Hanuman Chalisa which will relieve you from all your pains.
    I had received thamboolam from Mathaji last year July 20th and made a wish for child and the GOLDEN BLESSINGS of LORD HANUMAN granted to me THROUGH MATHAJI and this July 22nd I have been blessed with Male child which has come true in years time.
    I want to share my important experience and the pure affection exposed to me by MATHAJI , on July 21st I Have been admitted to hospital and that day Hanuman Chalisa competition were going on my Husband went there and told Mathaji about my problem inspite of her busy schedule she gave me raksha and prasadam, that day night 11.30 my situation was very critical I don’t feel the movements of baby and moreover only 9th month started doctor said it is very risk to take the baby out since it weighs only 1.9kgs immediately my Mother called MATHAJI during night time she attended the call and whole night she prayed for me and my delivery and next day morning by 6.00am MATHAJI called me and asked me about my health and her talks gave me confidence and she also told any time you can call me no problem, by 10am again I don’t feel the movements then doctors decided for surgery and told us after delivery since it is preterm child has to be kept in incubator for 5days immediately my mother called Mathaji she said don’t worry Lord Hanuman is there nothing will happen both will be safe, by 3.30pm surgery completed and as said by Mathaji doctor said though baby is under weight not to worry and no need for incubator everyone felt happy, whenever I am speaking to Mathaji I felt like speaking to Lord Hanuman, today I am happy it is all because of blessings of Lord Hanuman under guidance of Mathaji, me and my family are blessed to have Mathaji.
    Devotees my sincere request to all of you is please CHANT HANUMAN CHALISA and follow the advise and guidance given by MATHAJI.

    Hari om.

  39. priyasuresh

    Harihi Om,
    I have not seen Rameswaram , nor did i know about its importance . But now , i too have visited this holy place , seen its beauty and i am in a position to tell others about this place , only because of this website . Mathaji and her family have taken so much of interest in educating so many of us regarding this place . It is wonderful to see the bright photos with the explanations at the important spots . Definitely people who will not be in a position to visit this place can seek Gods blessings if they see these photos . Please show these photos to all your children and elders . They too should be blessed . This website has become a beautiful encyclopedia and treasure for the future . Mathaji says that there are still 200 more photos which have so much of importance and feels bad she is not able to display them too . I really appreciate her motive to update everything important in this website . I feel proud to be associated with her . Harihi Om .

  40. S. Balachandar

    Om Nrusimhaya Namaha, Hariihi Om to our Lord Hanuman family members.
    It is happy see that there are number of suggestions by the devotees about the competition event conducted by our peetam, which is motivate us that competition reached to the genuine devotees.
    I don’t know whether our Mathaji will permit to share some words to the participants.
    Dear Participants,
    The competition conducted by our peetam to spread Hanuman Chalisa to all the devotees’ worldwide. There were more than 250 registrations for the competition but nearly 200 children are able to recite chalisa on the occasion. Those children are very much blessed on that day because our Hanuman with special alangaaram and Mathaji were awaited to hear the chalisa render by them.
    We are really happy if your ward chanting Hanuman chalisa at least one time daily under your guidance’s. Then see how our Hanuman take care of your generation with his blessings.

    One more thing, if our peetam announce there will be chanting of Hanuman Chalisa program at the same venue, we don’t know how many may participate for that program. However, for the winners our peetam distributing certificates and acknowledges them, but our Lord Hanuman certified all the participants who were taken tremendous effort to chant chailsa for the competition.
    In the name of competition, we are joined together to render the service to Lord Hanuman.

    Jai Nrusimha, Om Hanumanthaya Namaha.

  41. R. Ravichandren (Participant name ;Anjana (No 150)

    Greetings !

    Thanks for the mail.The event was well organised and the members/volunteers were very cordial and helpful in guiding the children and parents. The venue chosen was also good.

    Please do continue the good work and organise such events and satsangs for us to participate and imbibe Sri Hanuman Bhakthi.

  42. RukmaniSathyanarayana

    Hari Om,

    Congratulations to all the winners.

    Thanks to Judges for their fair judgements.

    Hanuman Devotee

  43. Vatsala & Prasad Kateelkar

    The Book titled “HANUMAN – Global Friend “ released by Mathaji on July 21st 2012 is very interesting, easy to understand & practice by all. The event

    HANUMAN CHALISA COMPETITON for children was conducted successfully upto the satisfaction of one and all. We are really fortunate to be part of Sanjeevini Peetam and blessed by Lord HANUMANJI.

    Being a volunteer at the Reception Desk of Competition Venue, I had the opportunity to know candidates and their parents’ opinion. Parents appreciated that they had to wait only 10 minutes instead of hours they spent in other competitions. Overall, the comment was Excellent and Very Good in conducting the programme. Many felt that this is very encouraging event for all age groups and even ready to participate if competition conducted for adults also.

    Most significant point is that we all had the opportunity to listen to the recitation of HANUMAN CHALISA by several children in different tones & styles. At the end of the day certainly all of us left the venue with full strength and energy. I am sure we must have accumulated some Punniyam to our account for the present & future. Our humble Thanks to Mathaji in grooming us to a meaningful life.
    Jai Rama Lakshmana Janaki, Jai Bolo Hanumanki.

  44. G.Chandrashekar

    This Hanuman Chalisa competition was well organised with Judges seated in different tables and the students were asked to go to their judges and recite the Bhagawath Nama “The Hanuman Chalisa”.
    We are all waiting for the next competition. The volunteers were very helpful towards us with love and affection.
    The whole venue where the competition was held was so enthusiastic and had good vibration in it.
    Mathaji was very kind towards us patiently waiting for the devotees to come and tie the holy Rakhai which was in orange colour.
    We all loved this place and wanted to stay here for a long time, but time was not sufficent for us and the other children who had come for the competition had to recite the sloka and the win the prizes.

    We were all satisfies with this organisation and Pranams to our Mathaji.

  45. RukmaniSathyanarayana

    Hari Om,

    Thanks for Mathaji for giving an opportunity to serve Almighty God Hanuman yesterday and also for her initiative for releasing souvneir about Global God “Hanumanji”. This is the 2nd time my daughter participating in Hanuman Chalisa’s Competition. I wish to thank each and every participants, parents & Sanjeevini Peetam members for making the yesterday’s event grand success especially my heartfull thanks to the parents who brought their children’s in spite of their work schedule. I would like to thanks to one of the parent for following Peetam’s instruction ( His Surname ‘Tata’) who brought his child as per event schedule such as youngest daughter during junior timing and eldest daughter during senior timing. This shows parents also directing their children’s in the right path.

    Hanuman Devotee

  46. suncoo sathyanarayana

    Hari Om,

    First I would like to thank Mathaji for her innovation of conducting “Hanuman Chalisa” competition for children’s. Now we are in globalization world every one forgotten their own tradition, culture & customs going behind western culture, this event makes them to think of our tradition, customs & culture. I would to like share my experience which I had yesterday, since am one among the member of registration counter. Each participant should fill their form, I noticed all the children during the registration used to chant Hanuman Chalisa in counter itself. I believed Mathaji’s 1 crores “Hanuman Chalisa” Parayanam can be achieved in shorter period of time.

    Hanuman Devotee
    Suncoo Sathya

  47. suncoo sathyanarayana

    Thanks to Janakiram (devotee of Global God Hanuman) for sharing his experience had during his trip on Amarnath yatra. I too agreed about information on his wife (i.e. my aunty). We never seen her before this sort of confidence for any trip. Inspite of her condition she went to this yatra all because of Mathaji confidence words. Once again thanks, Mathaji prayer for whole troop to have good darshan and safe return.
    Sri sathya

  48. Janakiram V.P.

    My Dear Hanuman Devotees,
    I should first thank Mathaji for praying for our safe pilgrimage trip to Mukthinath (last year) and to Amarnath this year.
    Mathaji after prayers gave us Hanuman Raksh for all the members of the trip. Last year 25 members went to Mukthinath. To reach Mukthinath we haqve to go aeroplane from Kathmndu to Jumsom and from Jumsom we have to go by jeep for some distance and for the last three kilometres we have to go either as pillion rider on the motorbik or we have to climb the hill by foot. From there we have to climb steps to reach the Temple.
    The views exprssed by the Two women devotees on reaching the Temple are as follows:
    First womn aged around 60 who climbed the hill with me got stuck midway and she could not climb further, I was certain distance away from her and from there I called her she told me that she is praying to Hanuman with holding the Raksha tightly and after some time she stood up and told me that she has attained lot of strength and she will walk the remaining distance without any problem and she walked the distance. She thanked me for giving the Hanuman Raksha which gave her the required strength.
    While the second women who went by motorbike upto entrance of th temple could not climb the steps and she sat at the entrance telling that she is tired and cannot move any more. On reaching her we gave her some water and on seeing me she remembered the RAKSHA and she started praying. Within a few minutes she gained energy and walked with us and took bath in 108 springs and worshipped the god this women also thankd me for the Raksha. All this credit should go to Mathaji who gave us the Hanuman Raksha after invoking Hanuman Blessings. At the end of the journey while expressing their experience on the trip all the pilgrims thanke me for giving the raksha which has helpd them in many ways to overcome the tiresome journey.
    Similarly we went to Amarnath this month, I requested Marthaji to give me 30 Hanuman Raksha. Accordingly Mathaji gave me. I tied the Raksha to all the devotees while going in the train to Delhi. The participants include 76 year old man to 8 year old boy and 15 male members 13 female members and two children. In this regard I would like to inform that my wife had two cesarain operations, two herina operations and she is 60 years old and she is very scared women. We met Mathaji and got her blessings and Masthaji told us we will hav a safe and good darsan in all the places. Accordingly we reached Balta the base camp for Amarnath on 29th June and left for Amarnath on 30th June, to the surprise of all the weather was very friendly with little amount of sunshine. On reaching the foot hills of Amarnath I first thanked Mathaji for her blessings on accountof which we had a good climate.
    The 76 year old man while talking about his experience to Amarnath he first thanked me for the Raksha and told everybody that he has NO belief on sacred threads and he has removed sacred thread (poonool) and the waist thread and he was not interested to get the Raksha and he tied it for my satisfaction but after returning from the Hill Top which is about 14,500 feet he told me the Raksha has helped him for the safe journey and he will never forget me for tieing the Raksha. Similarly all the members of the group thanked me for the Raksha. The youngest boy in the group while telling about his experience he just told the following words “Janakiram uncle has tied Hanuman Raksha so why to fear” we will have safe journey.
    All of us returned home safely after 20 days Amarnath trip, we also visited Vaishno Devi Temple.It was a comfortabl journey and we had good darsan in all the tempels. All of us thanked God and Mathaji for praying for our safe journey.
    Thank You
    Janakiram V.p.

    1. suncoo sathyanarayana

      Thanks to Janakiram (devotee of Global God Hanuman) for sharing his experience had during his trip on Amarnath yatra. I too agreed about information on his wife (i.e. my aunty). We never seen her before this sort of confidence for any trip. Inspite of her condition she went to this yatra all because of Mathaji confidence words. Once again thanks, Mathaji prayer for whole troop to have good darshan and safe return.

  49. Vatsala & Prasad Kateelkar

    Our trip to Sundaravanam at Dusi, Kanchipuram for July Nakshtra Puja on Sunday 8th July and to celebrate the completion of Chanting ONE LAKH HANUMAN CHALISA by Mathaji is a very pleasant experience.

    Hanumanji was decorated with lots of Kanakambaram and 1008 Vada Mala. Wah !! It was really splendid to see Hanumanji in colors. You can visualize these from the photos uploaded in the website. It is 100% true that Hanumanji was present when Mathaji performed Puja. To show His presence a bunch of flowers dropped from flowers decorated above his head.

    During interaction with devotees, Mathaji informed that all of us should chant Hanuman Chalisa wholeheartedly for our own benefits. Set yourself a monthly target in 1000s and when you complete write down in a notebook. Whenever and Wherever Lord Rama’s glories are sung, Hanumanji is always present and enjoys listening. HE blesses all those who sing the glories of Lord Rama. By HIS grace one can enjoy all happiness and one need not have any fear under His protection. You accumulate Punnya by chanting Hanuman Chalisa in this janma that will be carried forward to protect you in the next birth also.

  50. Shanthi Nithyaraman

    Hari Om,
    July Nakshathra Pooja’s photo ‘s were excellent, alankaram was excellent especially lemon mala, vada mala and kanakamparam abishekam is wonderful.

    I want to share my experience, last year July month nakshatra pooja was performed by Mathaji and thambulam given to me and my husband, and that time Mathaji asked me what is your wish, suddenly I told her I want baby, though I have 1son who is now 8yrs old, due to various problems in my life and due to lot of medical problem in my health though I have the opportunity to have second child got abortioned at 5months, then MATHAJI TOLD ME DON’T WORRY DO THE POOJA WITH SINCERE DEVOTION NEXT YEAR YOUR WISH WILL COME TRUE OUR LORD HANUMAN WILL NOT LEAVE US HE WILL DEFINETLY FULLFILL YOUR WISH those words are to be printed with GOLD SINCE IT HAS COME TRUE, and I am now proud to say that after coming to Sanjeevini Pettam and visiting Dusi ERIKATHA ANJANEYAR during December 2011 (Hanumatha Vratham) and taken the blessings of Lord Hanuman in the shadow of Mathaji now I am 8months pregnant, this is really a miracle happened to me in my life which is all because after coming to Sanjeevini peetam, out of so many worries Mathaji consoled me more than a Guru she is MY MOTHER , though I am already blessed for child, but still I was worried this year pooja I was not able to attend and were not in a position to travel, after seeing all photos I felt I am really blessed to see the abishekam, alankaram, poojas, and all devotees as if I was there in that POOJA, I once thank you MATHAJI for all the good things happened to me in my life all because of the blessings of LORD HANUMAN under your guidance,
    Devotees my sincere request to all of you is please CHANT HANUMAN CHALISA and follow the advise and guidance given by MATHAJI.
    Hari om.


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