1008 TUESDAY’S SANTI POOJA 15.1.2012, sunday-6.pm.

By | January 6, 2012


IMPORTANCE OF 15.1.2012, sunday-6.pm.

  • 15.1.2012 is an Auspicious day for LORD HANUMAN.
  • Makara Sankranthi.
  • Uttarayana punyakalam Aarambham.
  • Sabarimala Jyothi darisanam.

**   Since, all the above 4 Auspicious events fall on the same day,it has been decided to conduct SANTI POOJA on this day.


  • 1 LAKH value CURRENCIES ALANKARAM for Lord Hanuman.

Devotees can contribute money up  to any amount for the Alankaram.
Re 1/- will be added to their contributed amount and returned to them.
This returned amount should be spent or utilised for a good purpose.
Devotees interested in contributing should inform Sanjeevini Peetam previously through e-mail.


       Gingely oil mixed with Sindhooram is used for the Abhishekam of Lord Hanuman.Seeing this Abhishekam  itself is not only good,but a lot of good things are destined to happen.

  • Ashtothara pooja

      Because of the completion of 1008 Tuesday’s, Ashtothara pooja with 1008 bananas is going to be performed.Opportunity will be given for 10 people to participate in  this pooja.Interested people can contact us previously.

All are welcome.  With best wishes   by  Mathaji.