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“Uttering the words of Bhagavath Gita will makes us free from certain unhealthiness, the evil spirits and thoughts are driven out and the ultimate success of happiness is left with us” , My Guru Bhagavath Gita – MATHAJI.



   Hari hi Om!
Bhagavath Gita reciting competition was held at Sanjeevini Peetam on Sunday, the  1st December 2013 between 10am and 6pm to children aged 3 to 8 years with special reference to 12th chapter.
Nearly 60 children have registered and recited. Their performance was very vibrant, stunning and with great zeal.  Some children have also appeared before judges in their traditional dresses which added beauty to the program.
The passion for Gita was very welcoming in the children of future India. In spite of inclement weather, parents have taken efforts to reach the competition site with their wards. Such concurrence of positivity is very essential to retain Indian culture. Volunteers of the Sanjeevini Peetam have -as usual – extended their yeo -man service to this occasion.  Heart of hearts, everyone of us express gratitude to Mathaji. Pranam to Mathaji Kanyakumari, Founder, Sri Sanjeeevinipeetam.

Yours sincerely
Dr.P.Venkatesan,UGC Professor


Mathaji (Founder Sanjeevini Peetam) will give a discourse on “Bhagavath Geetha” and render Gita Parayanam at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 12 at Sanjeevini Peetam. It Will be followed by Chanting of Hanuman chalisa, Naama Sankeerthana, Bajana. She will also Distribute prizes to the winners of the Gita- reciting competition conducted by the Peetam recently.



Programme:  5pm      –  Gita parayanam
6.30pm –  Prize Distribution Ceremony  for

Hanuma Chaitanyam Quiz – 2013
Winner – Sri Subrahmanyam Inupakutika
Runner – Suncoo. Bindu Srinivasulu

Bhagavath Gita Reciting competition -2013 Winners

Group – 4 Winners List

1st Prize – K. Chetana
2nd Prize – L. Srividya
3rd Prize – L. Hari Narayanan
Consolation Prize – S. Keerthana
Consolation Prize – A. Arjun


Group – 3 Winners List

1st Prize – G. Jayashree
2nd Prize – S. Vishvajith
3rd Prize – R. Raghav Prabanth
Consolation Prize – G. Aravind
Consolation Prize – V. Preetha


Group – 2 Winners List

1st Prize – G. Medhashree
2nd Prize – G.Arun Kumar
3rd Prize – S.Thavish Vivek
Consolation Prize – B.Kishore
Consolation Prize – G.S.Surabhi


Group – 1 Winners List

1st Prize – Pranav Sukesh
2nd Prize – Aakarsh Gokul
3rd Prize – G.Vijay Ganesh
Consolation Prize – K.Ragahavendra
Consolation Prize – K.Aryaa

Bajana , Naama Sankeerthana
Sanjeevini peetam

All are Welcome.

Lavanya Balaji
98404 45633


An eye opener! What goes around comes around!!!

After Kurukshetra war, Dhritrarashtra asked Krishna, “I had 100 sons. All of them were killed. Why?
Krishna replied, “50 lifetimes ago, you were a hunter. While hunting, you tried to shoot a male bird. It flew away. In anger, you ruthlessly slaughtered the 100 baby birds in the nest. Father-bird had to watch in helpless agony.
Because you caused that father-bird the pain of seeing the death of his 100 sons, you too had to bear the pain of your 100 sons dying.
Dhritarastra said, “Ok, but why did I have to wait for fifty lifetimes?”
Krishna answered, “You were accumulating punya (pious credits) during the last fifty lifetimes to get 100 sons – because that requires a lot of punya. Then you got the reaction for the papa (sin) that you have done fifty lifetimes ago.”
Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gita (4.17) “gahana karmano gatih”. The way in which action and reaction works is very complex. God knows best which reaction has to be given at what time in what condition. Therefore, some reaction may come in this lifetime, some in the next and some in a distant future lifetime.
There is a saying, “The mills of God grind slow; but, they grind exceedingly fine.” So, every single action will be accounted for, sooner or later.
Srimad Bhagavatam gives example: if we have a cowshed with 1000 calves and if we leave a mother cow there, she will easily find out where her calf is among those thousands. She has this mystical ability.
Similarly, our karma will find us among the millions on this planet. There may be thousands going on the road but only one meets with an accident. It is not by chance, it’s by karma.
Thus, the law of karma works exceedingly fine; it may be slow to act, but no one can escape.

Every action is got an equal & opposite reaction.!!!